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Thread: Other projects?

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    Question Other projects?

    I know this has been somewhat discussed already, but now that the Star Wars Saga is sadly comming to an end, I was wondering about the Future of SW. I know that "Clone Wars' cartoon is suppossed to be comming out, but what else do you think George has got up his sleeve or what would you like to see him do with the franchise?

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    Hmm? Why would Star Wars be coming to an end? E3 is still over 2 years away. And then even after the movie has come and gone, there is the DVD release. And then you have the DVD release of the OT, likely in the new Archival Edition versions.

    And then there will be EU novels, comics, games, and tons of other merchandise to sustain the franchise in people's minds. Remeber that Star Wars made a huge comback, with the Zhaan novels. And that was well before another movie was coming.

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    The could make movie adaptations of some of the novels. Then we could remember what it was like to see good Star Wars movies in the theatre.
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    You know what I mean JJ, although ya got a good point! Actually I forgot to mention that new SW Galaxies multiplayer online game comming out! It sounds like fans will actually be able to create a character of their own and give it it's own story or backstory, which would be pretty cool! We might actually have a say in the future of SW character development! Cooooooool!
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    As I don't follow the EU, once the movies/TV series/DVDs/Archivals/etc are over there will be no new Star Wars stuff for me , but I wouldn't say it was coming to an end.

    I hope that Episode III will be the last out of the movies. All 6 movies tell and finish the story, no more are needed. If Episodes VII - IX are made it will be like Terminator 3 and 4 - unnecessary and a load of bollocks!!!

    After Episode III is made I just hope books continue to be made for the EU fans, and SSG is still running so I can discuss the movies in the best forum on the net

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    We'll maybe it will be a good time to start to get into the EU, ya never know, actually some of it is actually pretty cool!
    I mentioned that SW: Galaxies online muti-player game, Has anyone been chosen for the beta test yet? Just wondering what it was like?
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