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    Question Difference between Collections 1 & 2?

    Being a neophyte collector, I've noticed a few references on these boards to planned figures "being a Collection 2" figure, and seemingly implying that to be better. What, if any, is the difference between Saga Collection 1 and Saga Collection 2, and if there is a difference, does anyone know why there is? Thank you.

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    Collection 1 Figures in Saga are the more recognizable main or cool charecters that kids would be intrested in. That's usually the easiest way to distinguish between the two. Many of them also have action features.

    Collection 2 Figures in Saga are more secondary charecters. Figures more for the collectors. They don't have action features, and seem to have finer detailing and paint applications. Some do have sceen specific poses.

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    Yep, pretty much...

    In the beginning the three Collections were simply

    Collection 1: Heroes
    Collection 2: Creatures, Aliens and Droids.
    Collection 3: Villains

    This applied to the slightly older figures of this new collection starting in 95.

    Hope that helps!

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    Yup - that pretty much answers the question. Thanks for the help.


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