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    Where have you seen the new Deluxe figures?

    So far I've only seen Shirtless Darth Maul at Electronics Botique for $14.99. I'm wondering where everybody else has seen these? How much?
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    Still haven't seen them at retail. I got mine at for less than $10.

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    The only place I have seen them is in pictures or on ebay.
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    Well, i'm happy to say that they have already arrived at my local store!!
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    KB, for $13. My report ended up on the SSG news post about this, so you probably know which store.
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    I've been to two K-Marts in the suburban Chicago area in the last two days and both had at least 3 cases each of the deluxe figures at 9.98.

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    I got Bacta Tank Luke at Electronics Boutique. They also had three Darth Mauls but I took a look at him and the word "Markdown" popped into my head. As did the words "pegwarmer" and "butt ugly toy". Yeah. I can wait three months and buy all three of them for less than the price it is now.
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    I live in RI & haven't seen them. There is a K-mart that I check in MA but no deluxe figures. The local K-bee had nothing. It's weird since the Hasbro Co. is in Pawt. RI.

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    bactine luke & lollopaloooozer maul, $10 at. . .

    . . . westland kmart, lakewood co you can have em, i dont wantum

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    Where in the Chicago Subarb area? I have yet to see these around where I live.
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