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    Thumbs up $5.98 books at Barnes & Noble

    I came across in one of the other threads how someone found the Star Wars Visual Dictionary (Darth Vader on the cover) at a local Barnes & Noble for $5.98, and it was also on the B&N website for both that price AND $15.98. Well, I got around to ordering one for myself (at the lower price, of course), and to my pleasant surprise, also found the Star Wars Episode I Visual Dictionary (Amidala on the cover) and the Star Wars Episode II Incredible Cross-Sections, all available at $5.98 (or $15.98, if you're a masochist).

    So get them while they're in stock, and before B&N catches their mistake.

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    Thanks for the post....I'll look into it soon. BTW, all of these are great books!:happy:

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    I couldn't find the Episode II cross section for the 5.98!

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    OK.....I found it! Yup it's there, and it looks like free shipping with two orders!

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    Yup - I paid a whole Dollar and change in tax, and FREE shipping, with the order supposed to ship within 24 hours. Not shabby!!!

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    Good prices. I still want the Ep 2 cross-sections book even though it seems fairly thin compared to the others, so I'll probably go and order that soon.
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