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    Tusken raider jedi

    What is the name of the Tusken raider jedi that was in of of the books and does anybody know where I can find pics of him on here?


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    Sharad Hett was a human Jedi who exiled himself to Tatooine and lived amongst the Tuskens. (In other words, he wasn't born a Tusken, nor is it 100% given that he's the same species.) He was killed by Aurra Sing, but not before having a son, A'Sharad Hett, with his Tusken wife. A'Sharad became Ki-Adi Mundi's Padawan for a while.

    And in post-ROTJ continuity, Anakin Solo's (RIP) girlfriend Tahiri was a human raised by the Tuskens.
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    Is that Brazillian soap opera or star wars?


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