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    New Collection 1 Pictures

    Hasbro has added pictures of Anakin, Boba and the new R2 along with a small list of confirmed figures.

    Here's the main Hasbro page:

    Anakin -
    Boba Fett -
    R2-D2 -

    I'd attach the images to the thread, but for some reason the option to save them in jpeg won't come up.

    Other confirmed figures:
    Han Solo in Hoth Gear ('03 #13)
    Chewbacca, Mynock Hunt ('03 #14)
    Luke Skywalker from Return of the Jedi ('03 #17)
    Darth Vader from Return of the Jedi ('03 #18)
    Snowtrooper ('03 #19)

    The R2 looks dissapointing, what's with those rods coming out of it? Boba and Anakin look a little better but not that much better.

    *Sigh* The Snowtrooper is collection 1... so it'll probably be ruined by quick draw action. It's a needed resculpt of the figure, why can't they just leave it alone?! Same goes for Vader, Luke, Chewie (he won't have 3PO to fall back on) and Han.
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    God, I wonder if this Jedi Luke can possibly live up to our expectations??? He's on nearly everyone's "want list" around here. I know he's #2 on mine!

    Hopefully he and Hoth Han and the Snowtrooper will blow away all our expectations. Can't wait for the images!!!

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    Yeah, what's that thing sticking out of R2?

    I'm sure plenty of people will hate the ROTJ Luke no matter how good it is.

    I wonder what the chances are of Hasbro giving Han a removeable hood. I hope the Snowtroopers come out nice. I was hoping to pick up a few.
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    damn, looks like we wrote out threads at the same time
    could someone please merge them?
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    I'm guessing they'll be something like total control Mace.. Looking closer at the legs, doesn't look like we'll be able to move his legs as they're molded to the main body. The rockets I think are gonna be able to slide up to fold out, considering there are little buttons on front of R2's legs under the shoulder bumps, I'm guessing that's why the legs are molded to the body. Hopefully it'll get better though, the feet have blue colored pins (too blue to be caused by reflection from the vanilla ice effect) so it's very much just a prototype.
    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
    "I am a Klingot from Oklahoma in human boy form."
    "We came, we saw, we conquered... We, woke up!"

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    I had written in a similar thread: "What is that thing sticking out between Artoo's legs??? " I totally don't get that. I'm certain that it has something to do with the little "flying" gimmick "string-thingy" that he's got going on. I hate the head sculpt. It looks terrible. All I have to say is that his eye better light up or something for as poor as that looks. The overall figure is fine, but there are just some things I don't understand about it.

    The other thread will probably be merged with this one.
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    Why does Hasbro insist on putting action poses on figures that were practically standing still during the movie? Is Wedding Dress Padme going to have a blaster, blast effect, and her veil blowing in the wind with an action stance?

    Anakin Naboo Wedding is a pretty good looking figure, but who gets married with a lightsaber in hand, standing like they're ready for war? Don't answer that.

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    Hey , how about a new tatooine luke with

    'i cant believe you blew another $5 on me action feature'

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    Oh... My... Gawd... It looks like R2 is well hung- with that string. Why do we need a goofy string to make him appear to fly? Will he be strung up in the bubble to apprear flying? Will all the ships now have a string on them so we know they are supposed to fly? Just kinda silly and unneccessary to me. The head sculpt looks like a hand-painted first run, so maybe hte final version will be better. And BTW- what IS that thing between R2's legs? I guess now we can offically call R2 a "He".

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    MIB collector naw, completists nahhh,
    I'm going to turn into a rehash collector.
    I will only buy rehashed figures from now on .

    Oh wait a second, that means then that I will just end up rebuying everything I already have since just about everything is being redone several times over...


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