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    More new 2003 Coll. 1 figures!

    starwars, has put up new pics for Anakin, Boba Fett (both already seen in earlier pics) and the new R2-D2

    Anakin looks very good, the don't say anything about a removable arm though
    Boba Fett also looks cool, and the color doesn't seem that bright than in the earlier pic (maybe cause it doesn't have a black background)
    R2-D2 looks cool, although it's just another R2 with a small new feature (although it looks good)

    it says that next week we will see new pics of the deluxe figs for 2003!
    and a list of pics for figs coming soon:
    Han Solo in Hoth Gear ('03 #13)
    Chewbacca, Mynock Hunt ('03 #14)
    Luke Skywalker from Return of the Jedi ('03 #17)
    Darth Vader from Return of the Jedi ('03 #18)
    Snowtrooper ('03 #19)

    damn, those figs sound sweet, can't wait to see the new luke, vader and snowtrooper !

    here's the link:

    and the individual links:
    Boba Fett:
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    Okay... what the heck is that thing hanging between Artoo's legs???!!! Head sculpt is rotten and he's got that groovy string hanging out of his back... Pic only rating for me... C+
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    That picture does make R2 look a bit inappropriate, wonder how Hasbro doesn't notice these things.
    Hasbro, Wuher needs help, bring us Ackmena

    Kenobi must be the Smith or Johnson of Tatooine

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    Im so sick of the same characters being released over and over.

    Here come 10 boba fett figures now because they wore out the jango thing in only 6 months.

    If there are any completists out there, have fun, I gave up that a while back and this isnt making me change my mind.

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    Oh goody, lets call the next box set the overkill set.
    Luke, jango, maul and a repaint landspeeder .

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    They repainted the landspeeder in 1995... you are so silly...!
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    Partner, the thing coming out of R2s head is a string which probably winds up stored inside the figure somehow. The top part of the string has some kind of hooking mechanism so that you can fasten it to some stationary object. "The thing hanging between his legs", well after you have fastened the other end you grab the rod between his legs and give it a light tug and R2 will zoom off, up the length of the string, like he is flying. Did you understand that?

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    Neat pics I must say! I do think that the Anakin does look really good. The R2 just alittle dumb
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    The Luke/Vader are prob gonna be my fav. figs since the 1st removable helmet vader and '95 release of Jedi Luke!! The boba is sweet,and I cant wait to get those three!!

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    Is it just me, or does Anakin's cloak look removable? And that right arm looks removable as well.


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