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    George Lucas on Carrie Fisher...LOL...the TV show!

    Well, I was just channel surfing and noticed that tonight's guest on Carrie Fisher will be none other that George Lucas himself!
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    I've seen that episode, it's great. Carrie and George even discuss the Slave Girl costume. I may have to watch it again. Especially to hear what Carrie thinks of the costume. I remember she jokes about it being some erotic fantasy of George's, and such. I think in the end she says that she has no problems with it.

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    I saw one of her recent shows on Oxygen and noticed that seems a little bit bloated and puffy. Has anyone else noticed it? I'm not completely sure if it is weight gain or something else.

    Anyway, she seems to have a lot of fun on those shows. As a writer and an interviewer, she is really introspective and delves into her subjects like few others can. Plus, she brings a keen sense of humor to those interviews as well.
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    I ran across this show tonight as I was flipping through the channels on someone else's TV (as I've unprogramed the O2 channel from mine). Very insight full interview I wish I could have seen the whole thing. It looks like I might have to program the channel back in so I don't miss out the next time.
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    Originally posted by JarJarBinks
    I think in the end she says that she has no problems with it.
    Just before ANH she was in a Playboy Bunny outfit on Laverne and Shirley, you think she'd have a problem with a metal bikini?
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    That's ironic, last night they talked about George Lucas blowing her off to go to the Playboy mansion.

    But it was for the "Film Association", right George.
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    Didn't Carrie get the idea for her TV show from when she was on So Graham Norton? That was the FUNNIEST So episode to date ! Carrie is so funny !

    Anyway, I'd LOVE to see her show, especially with Lucas on it! If anyone knows where I can download some MPEGs of her show I'd be most grateful. Anyone know if there are plans for her show to hit British TV?

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    Pendo, I couldn't tell you, she is currently on "Oxygen". Though, it would probably fit in nicely with BBC.
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    Originally posted by LTBasker
    Just before ANH she was in a Playboy Bunny outfit on Laverne and Shirley, you think she'd have a problem with a metal bikini?
    Actually, that ep of "Laverne and ________" (this was after Shirley left the series, never understood why they kept the character in the title) was from 1982, and Carrie was actually MORE dressed as a clumsy Playboy club bunny than in the ROTJ outfit! Also, unlike her performance in the SW Holiday Special, when she sang in this ep it wasn't so bad... of course, seeing Penny Marshall also in a bunny costume took months of therapy to get over.
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    The Fisher show is very good esp. since it was filled not long after 9/11.

    The funniest part is when she wanted to be buried at Skywalker Ranch. I found it interesting how Lucas worked w/Fisher on Young Indiana Jones. How both think differently on dialogue.

    As to Fisher herself, her look has to do with her medication due to her manic depressive condition. It is a side effect.

    Also, Pendo, what is So Graham Norton? Is that from the UK?

    Any chance you have a copy? I would interested.

    I have a copy of the Fisher program. Also, if you have seen the Moyers special with Lucas, it was very insightful and a great interview as well.

    Thank you.


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