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Thread: Error in ANH !!

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    Error in ANH !!

    I have noticed a considerable error in A New Hope. It concerns the color of Darth Vader's lightsaber. After he kills Kenobi, Luke yells and then Han Solo tells Luke to blast the door. Right after he does, we see Darth Vader walking towards that door with a BLUE lightsaber. It sure isn't red!! Surely he did not pick up Kenobi's lightsaber and ignite it?? That would be stupid. Has anyone else noticed this???? It is on my VHS tapes (not the special editioins).


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    That is simply because the technology at the time was poorer. The lightsabers in ANH look crap in general. You can see Lukes fathers lightsaber flip from light blue, to near solid white in some shots. Same thing with Kenobi and Vaders lightsaber....

    It is merely a product of the technology of the time. It is still puzzling to this day that GL didn't go back and fix it during the special editions....

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    On both my laserdiscs (original & SE) it's white, but I know what you mean. I almost wish the OT was made after the PT so it would fit in better with the prequels. I hope these little yet annoying things are fixed for the Archival release.

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    I believe the white blades are because the rotoscoping wasn't done properly on that scene or the one where Obi-Wan's saber appears to fizzle out or the one where Luke practices against the seeker ball. Also, some of those shots were made with reflective tape on the set and may have been missed entirely by the rotoscope team who might have assumed they were already done.
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    Well, it's hard to call this a considerable mistake when you probably didn't see it until you 45,378,725th viewing.

    I believe there was a problem with adding the color to this shot because the doors close, but at any rate, it was deemed small enough to blow off.

    There's very many such 'blow offs'. It doesn't denote poor quality, it just reminds on how massive an undertaking all these special effects can be to make. They have to sort of pick their priorities in order to make it on time.
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    Of course, why it wasn't fixed in the Special Edition is beyond anyone's guess. You'd figure they could have spent just a minor amount of time adding color to the blade (probably less than five minutes) and fixed the problem. I mean, the SE's were the perfect opportunity to make corrections such as these, and it always amazes me how much Lucas (who has a reputation as being very detail-oriented) still chose to "blow off."

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    He's mentioned before in interviews, that he chose not to correct any of the small filmed errors that were made in the movies. Such as flipping the shot, or charecters moving around during angle changes. Perhaps he considers the lightsaber mistake to be somthing that doesn't need fixed. It fits with his idea of the movies as modern serials.

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    I know this is way off this topic, but JediTricks mentioned it. What is rotoscoping?
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    Rotoscoping is basically when a drawn piece of animation is added into a frame of film.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

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    Jedi Learner, while it may amaze you how many things Lucas seems to have 'blown off', it may be time to review the saga again, this time reminding yourself to see how much he got RIGHT...THEN compare the proportions in an honest and objective light. Then follow that up with how many of those so-called errors were even noticed when you first saw the films... or secondly saw them... or even thirdly... or even EVER until someone else pointed them out to you. THEN come up with your final, still honest, appraisal of the error vs. well done factor.

    Just because your eyes are now almost trained and coached into being drawn straight to what's wrong, you'll see how they were a totally forgivable aspect of the Star Wars films.

    Forgivable, dare I say, to the point of not complaining about it.


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