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    Does it seem to anyone...........

    That Jango was getting nervous as Obi Wan asked him "recently?" (of making his way to Corucant), then a hesiatant pause......
    "possibly". Or do you think he was still keeping his cool?

    Plus what was the language that he spoke to Boba?
    And since he was speaking a different language wouldn't have Obi been able to understand what he was saying through use of the force like he did with Chewie in ANH, or perhaps that is a skill that comes later.
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    Maybe Obi-Wan did understand the language, but didn't say anything in hopes that Jango would reveal more in a lanuguage he thought Obi didn't understand.

    Or maybe Jango didn't give a crap that Ob-Wan understood him and heard he wanted the door closed, maybe he was just trying to be a little show-off with his language mastery.

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    I'd say Jango was definitely nervous, he probably had used his zoom to check out the Jedi who were chasing Zam just before he shot her with the saber dart, and had just remembered Obi-Wan.

    The language thing I'm guessing he just said something non-chalant like "Close the door, Boba" but Obi understand, and just didn't want to reveal his suspicion - which is why he didn't say anything when Boba closed the door.
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    Except the stupid part is that Jango is standing between Obi-Wan and the door, blocking his line of sight (well, not really, since it seems clear that Obi-Wan has him by a few inches and can probably see the armor on the floor anyway), but then Jango actually moves over to Boba to tell him to go close the door, effectively allowing Obi a free look at the closet. Am I the only one that thinks that was rather silly?
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    Originally posted by Dar Basra
    but then Jango actually moves over to Boba to tell him to go close the door, effectively allowing Obi a free look at the closet. Am I the only one that thinks that was rather silly?
    Perhaps this was Jango's way of letting Obi-Wan know he didn't appreciate Jedi meddling in his business. He knew Obi had seen it, he knew Obi knew that he knew he saw Obi see it; it was a subdued way of saying, "Hey, Boba, will you close the door so this nosy Jedi can't see my armor; he doesn't know who he's fooling with, and I can't let Taun We see me kick his *ss, that would be bad manners."

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    Maybe he really had to go potty.
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    Of course Jango was nervous which is why he told Boba to pack his things. Obi-Wan saw the armor before Boba could close the door, and I think the only reason Jango moved from Obi's view was to get Obi's attention away from that area, but by then it was already too late.

    Obi-Wan also couldn't do anything at the time since his orders from the Council were just to investigate, not capture. Doing so would exceed his mandate.

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    Just wondering...since when has Obi Wan used the Force to understand Chewbacca in ANH? Where did that bit of info come from? Isn't it equally possible that the Wookkiee language just happens to be one of the languages that Obi does know?

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    I didn't recall the use of the Force to communicate with Chewie, either. Odd...
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    I agree about the use of the force for the language. I don't think that was ever the case....maybe Kayshyk (sp) in the SW Universe is like Spanish in America.


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