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    ROTJ Luke and Vader

    For those who live in Canada, I'm sure you've experienced the "fights" (with money, that is) that we have put up to get the better figures. I remember the last Vader w/ removable helmet, I never even saw it at TRU or Walmart. Of course, I had to pay $45 for him from some guy at the toy convention. What do you think about the next Vader and Jedi Luke? Will people have to resort to buying them at specialty stores? Or do you think there will be lots available at TRU or Walmart, like Saga Bespin Luke and Vader?
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    Hasbro, you forgot a-boot us Canadians.


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    I think your best bet is WalMart. My concern with Sears and Zellers (at least my Zellers) is that they don't order SW toys frequently enough to get every wave in stock. Toys R US are hit and miss, they get stuff in fairly regularly, but order lots when they do.

    They will be popular, granted, so be ready to search a bit. I think I may consider making a few e-tailer preorders for some of the harder figures this year, and Ill likely do it through KebCo. I've had good luck with them so far.

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    Luke and Vader?

    Has anyone seen pics of these figs yet? If so where?

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    I am in quebec!

    Zellers, wall mart and all the others dont receive much new stuff here. You know... I like speaking french... I am not good in english, but when it is time for collecting i hate french.

    The stores in quebec are not allowed to sell product if it don't have instructions in french. That is why cantina set didn't make it here but made it in ontario and anywhere else in canada.

    I go frequently to platsburgh and burlington to complete my collection. I have a friend that shop for me on e-bay.
    I am trying to find friends all auround the country for helping.

    I have often pay more then 35$ for an action figures. I won't doi that again.

    So if luke and vader is not gonna make it here... i'll find them.
    I just got ephant mon for 14$ canadien.

    Make some contact.
    Que la force soit avec toi

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    Exactly right, teebo, networking is the key. Good job on the English by the way! I wish I could do so well en Francais!

    I haven't seen pics yet, Greedo, but galactichunter seems to be first much of the time. These two need to be great....Im a little antsy in the pantsy waiting. Metal lightsaber hilts BETTER be the orders of the day is all I can say.

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    I don't think that they'll be rare...just that they'll probably ship later here in Canada then in the US. I'm lucky that I live so close to the US border...there are four Wal-Mart's within 2 hours drive of my place where I can check on new figures...not to mention 2 Toys R' US and a number of other stores. I can usually find alot of the newest figures within 30 minutes of my place and don't end up paying anymore for them than I would here in Canada. Hopefully these puppies won't be short-packed and won't have gimicks.

    I do suspect that the new DV will affect the price of the existing DV w/ removable helmet though...although I'm not worried since I already have two of the original...for which I bought from Brianstoys for $20.00 CAN each last year.
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    The POTF2 is a tough act to follow, I have some doubts as to whether it's even possible to improve on the sculpt of Anakin's face.

    Sad to say, but I smell gimmicks....with any luck the magnet hand will be the only action feature, but Im sure it will twist or wave or something else silly. Based on the new pics of Han and Chewie, it looks like these two will be action stanced as well. Not good news.

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    Not good for YOU maybe, good news for the STANSE though, they were thinking of going "unmasked" and luke may be a goof candidate for the lineup.....

    I agree with you JJ, it would be hard to beat the 1st r/helmet vader without stooping to some kind of gimmicks, as he really was close to perfect the first time, SPECIALLY the face sculpt, just deadly!!
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    Ha! Pretty easy for JJ to see the new Mynock Chewie blazing into a guitar solo as the newest touring memeber of all you need is wicked shades to put on him instead of the gas mask.... How's the new album coming? Word on the street is that the band was seen going into the studios in Vancouver with Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20 - say it ain't so! Any chance of a guest appearance by Santana? He seems pretty easy to get ahold of these days? And how bout Brendan Obrien as producer? Great job on the Boss' new album....

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    thank you jj to not laughing at me with my english.
    I am better in french...
    So maybe you can help me with my collection... you may be able to find more stuff...

    And by the way... I still think tant vader and luke will be easy to find here... The action figure that canada don't have are the most obscur one (often)....

    I hope I didn't write a stupidity
    Que la force soit avec toi


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