Greetings my fellow Canadians,

Today, I went to pick up my shipment of five figures from from my local post office when I was told by the post-office lady that I had to pay $13.53 cutoms for US to Canada goods. Outraged, for never experiencing this charge before, I had to pay up in order to receive my goodies.

I used to order lots from the Star Wars fan club without having to pay customs. What's the difference between ordering from the Fan club and from Toymaniacs anyway? Someone please tell me.

The post-office lady told me that I was "lucky" in the past because the customs guys at the border didn't check the boxes properly or something, but this time, I was unlucky.

Angered and irritated, I decided to go on a crazy shopping frenzy at the mall across the street, hoping to find great buys to compensate for my expensive internet purchase.

The result, I went into 3 different stores and found the following:

-Death Star Trooper accessory kit at Zellers
-Luke with Landspeeder at TRU, and only for $14.98 CAN!
-Bespin Luke with weathervane, also at TRU
-Luke in Bacta Tank at Walmart, on sale for $5 bucks!

Now I don't feel AS ripped off, but I am truly greatful for finding these, and all at once too.

Anyways... enough ranting and bragging, take care.
...And becareful next time you order from the Internet.