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    SCUD missle debacle

    Can someone clear this up for me...

    Why is Yemen, one of the central homes of al Queda, allowed (by the US) to have SCUDS, but Iraq is not?
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    Just curious, where did you read this?
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    Yeah, usually when people want to discuss things. They post either the discussion topic, or where to find it. Just a suggestion.

    As for the topic, where are you getting that the U.S. is allowing Yemen to have Scud missles. The only thing about Scud missles and Yemen was the fact that a shipment of Scuds to Yemen from N. Korea was seized. And according to the news, the Bush has been courting and praising Yemen, as an ally against the terrorists. Remeber, not everyone from the Middle East is evil.

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    Wow guys, even CNN has this as it's major story. Didn't think the cover story of the past 3 days required a reference...

    Bush (or whomever) has declared it OK for these missles to go to Yemen (this is yesterdays CNN headline). Isn't it also a no-no (according to that treaty North Korea has with us) for N. Korea to proliferate WMD??? Or is that treaty null since N. Korea already broke it?

    So Bush calls Yemen an "ally" right now...Reagan also used to consider Iraq an "ally". The fact remains that Yemen is one of the birthplaces of al Queda and is in a HIGHLY unstable part of the world. Isn't Bush supposed to be "anti-proliferation"? Oh yeah, I forgot, Bush is only anti-prolif towards those HE has deemed "EVIL".

    Personally, no matter what Bush says, I feel more uncomfortable with these things in Yemen than in Iraq.
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    Is it "missle" or "missile"?
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    It's missile.

    My understanding is that SCUD missiles, while america wants them catalogued, do not fall under the category of WMD. Besides ericRG...........Saudi Arabia is THE birthplace of Al Qaeda, and Bush loves that country......

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    Can chemical weapons be used as warheads for these things?

    Bush loving Saudi Arabia isn't exactly the issue, but you are right!
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    From what I've read, it's not that Bush allowed Yemen to have the scuds, it's more like the U.S. only has authority to search, not seize. Typical red-tape crap that will end up biting us in the @ss later, as always. Basically, all we're allowed to do is sit back and ascertain that these people have all these weapons. Ridiculous.

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    Re: SCUD missle debacle

    Originally posted by EricRG
    Can someone clear this up for me...

    Why is Yemen, one of the central homes of al Queda, allowed (by the US) to have SCUDS, but Iraq is not?


    And, yes, "we've" allowed them to retain possession of the missiles as long as they promise that they are only for Yemini defense and they won't sell them to anyone else. Yeah right.

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    Perhaps they do not consider them weapons of mass destruction until they have an actual warhead.

    BTW, SCUD's can carry nuke warheards.

    As for the "boy's and their guns" line, I won't comment. (I am in the Army afterall). But then, so was my wife.
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