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    Calling all Midlanders

    My sister is looking to get an AT-AT for her lesser half this Xmas. I was wondering if anybody living in the midlands - Bham, Derby, Nottingham, Dudley, Coventry etc - had seen one in any shops in the area, since I can't seem to find one for her mail order.
    Any help on this would be really gratefully received.

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    Is that the one that comes with an ewok on a speeder?
    I don't think they have any in "Another World" in Derby, but it might be worth phoning Midco Toys in Burton, and Forbidden Planet in Nottingham.
    Also, there's another "Another World" in Nottingham - perhaps they're worth a try too.
    In Birmingham there's a shop called Nostalgia and Comics, but I've no idea how much they stock. Again, it might be worth giving them a call.
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    Hmm, there's nothing on eBay UK, and the mail-order companies R2DToys (London) and even Kool Collectables (York) are out of stock at the moment.
    There used to be a branch of Forbidden Planet in Nottingham near the bus station, but it may have closed in the 5 years or so since I was last there. You could try their branches in Birmingham (0121 236 3026) or Coventry (024 7622 9672).

    Good luck!
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    I've combed B'ham as it's my home town. Notts/Derby way is where I was interested in as I don;t get over there much. Will try Another world and FP. It's the giant AT-AT with general veers and driver she's after, the one from the POTF2 line. Proving rather difficult to track down. I've got one though. S******, s****** gloat. Got it from TrUs about three years ago when they were doing that stupid collection thing with the expanded universe figures at like £10 each.
    Thanks for the info though.

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    I don't remember ever seeing that particular vehicle
    As for the FP in Nottingham - it was still alive and well in October of this year, and I don't image that'll have changed.
    Give Midco Toys a call. I don't like their shop, but if you're desperate you might get lucky.
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    Maybe Forbidden Planet are not advertising all their stores on their bags and website then?
    There's no mention of their Manchester store either, but I'm going to go along and check it's still open while I'm up there over Xmas.
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    You've never seen the POTF2 AT-AT. You've never lived.
    It's second only to the royal starship in size and as such is probably the second most impressive sw toy you can buy, in terms of stature at least. Has some pretty cool electronics as well.
    Checnk it out in the collectors database.

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    Sounds impressive, I'll have a look later.
    As for FP advertising:
    Apparently a few years ago the company Forbidden Planet split into two - one remained Forbidden Planet, the other became Forbidden Planet International. So, although they share the same name (more or less), not all of them are part of the same company. Only one of the companies is affiliated with
    Also, this split has something to do with the reason that some of the shops take on a second name - such as Nostalgia and Comics.

    I don't understand the deal entirely, but this is a very dumbed-down version and probably isn't all that accurate.
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    FP was run by two guys, originally it was called Time Slip and it was fairly successful, unfortunately due to reasons not all that well known the guys fell out, the company was split, but there was a nasty fight over the name, in the end one of the shops changed to FP International, and the other remained FP, now this is the point, FP is ****, they over charge for just about everything and the prices are set in London, the whole company is run by head office in London, and you might as well be walking into ASDA, I have had so many bad experiences with FP and there prices itís unbelievable.. The two FPís will not open near each other (thatís part of the deal) and do not directly compete in one area, but FP international is scifi-warehouse, they are now one and the same company, and a damn fine company as well the prices are good, they are certainly competitive with other retailers, and there sales are unbelievable. My advice is simply not to buy anything from FP. Shop online with FP International if you donít have one locally. They are very very different, and they are one hell of a lot better. Iím stuck with just FP and I canít bloody stand it
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    Thanks for the info
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