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    Angry You Gas Us- We'll Nuke You!

    Okay... can someone give me a reason why this crackpot is still in office? All I have to say is that this is about the dumbest thing any person of power could say. Right now with tensions running as high as they are and relations with allies being so touch-and-go, this was just brainless.

    Apparently the ventriloquist who's been helping our exalted one over the last several months was on a coffee break and left him to his own devices. If I were a leader in a terrorist country... I'd be thinking, "You'll NUKE us? Okay... why bother gassing you if you are gonna nuke us? We'll nuke you first!"

    I just wanted to rant yesterday, but was too busy to do so. I was also feeling a little too cheery about the new wave of figures...
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    May the force be with you.

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    GWB made this exact statement?

    How did I miss this, of all people?

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    Yeah, maybe Bush doesn't realize this equation that many compiled in their heads.

    1 Nuke + 1 world= all die

    really, we'd be screwed. It's like "you drop some gas and kill a few hundred people, we're going to kill everybody ourselves!" It just makes the US Government doing the work of the terrorists for them.
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    I haven't seen this statement anywhere.
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    Originally posted by Quite-Long Dong
    I haven't seen this statement anywhere.
    Me neither. Can someone post a link to a news article about it?

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    It isn't quite that dramatic. I've always believed that if WMD were used against us, that we would retaliate with equal or greater force no matter who was running the show.
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    Yeah, doesn't sound any different that the usual ruffled feather jargon. What I find more disturbing is GWB's overall tone. It indicates that he expects an invasion of Iraq as an inevitability.

    I wonder who gets nuked of Al Qaeda uses a biological weapon against a US target........?

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    Originally posted by The Overlord Returns
    Yeah, doesn't sound any different that the usual ruffled feather jargon. What I find more disturbing is GWB's overall tone. It indicates that he expects an invasion of Iraq as an inevitability.
    Haven't you been reading the papers? They've already got the country divided for post-war spoils and whose going to be in charge. It's coming regardless of what the inspectors find...or don't.

    GWB was placed in office by a Republican/Skull and Crossbones Society conspiracy. OIL is the number one reason he's in office now and the number one reason we're even paying any attention to Iraq. Had a Democrat been in office, Hussein would still be on page 20 instead of being headline news. Lucky for him that the terrorist strike happened on his watch. Now he can use that as his excuse for heading into Iraq.

    The only true answer to get us out of this mess is for the OIL lobby, backed by Oil Barons, like the Bush's, to be beaten back so that alternative fuel vehicles can be massed produced at reasonable prices. The technology exists. The only reason that we're not all in those cars today is pure greed. Bush is protecting his fortune and the fortunes of all his buddies. They've taken our government to serve their own purpose. And now, it appears (for the second time), a Bush is going to send our children into battle so that his bank account will be protected.

    It's no wonder the world hates us.


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