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    Violence and Star Wars

    Our world is a troubled place. This isn't to say that we've reached any new lows or anything. Violence has been a part of human evolution since we crawled out from the depths. The strongest survive. Darwin taught us that. You want to keep eating, sometimes you have to fight off your competition. And that's before you head out to kill your dinner.

    But society has indeed progressed beyond the simple "eat or be eaten" mindset. Or so we like to think. Violence too has progressed past the point of being purely for survival to something a bit more...oh, I don't know...arbitrary?

    I could go on and on about the past, and how we got to where we are, but I'd like to get to the point. Maybe, hopefully, some of that can come up during the discussion. We've heard it many times: this is a culture of violence. Many things are blamed for that: the media...well, primarily the media in it's many forms. We have video games that teach our children how to shoot and kill. Our news programs are filled each night with tales of woe and destruction. Our toys, even, are delivered with accessory packs of countless insidious weapons.

    So, given our vast history of being violent beings, from the time we lived in the mire, to the Roman Empire, the Crusades, the World Wars up to today's non-region specific terrorist threat, is it fair to blame the media, toys, and games on our violent nature? Is it just part of who we are?

    If yes, then why don't we embrace our violent nature and use it without hesitation to halt the spread of evil? (of course, the question assumes that there is an empirical definition of evil)

    If no, then why aren't we doing more to stop these influences from making us violent? In terms of Star Wars toys, why do we accept the inclusion of weapons into these children's toys? Why do we accept the use of violence in the movies themselves? Why do we include ourselves in the action with the video games?

    Are we truly violent beings to begin with or are we conditioned to become that way?

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    It's a personal choice to hit someone. A very personal reaction that cannot be attributed to anyone but yourself. Yes society does litter the airwaves with violent tosh on TV and cinema but it's still down to the individual whether they choose to make a fist or pick up a gun. Nobody makes someone violent, they do it themselves. The rules of society as a peaceful place are set in stone. One rule alone is drummed into all of us wherever we turn, to hurt another human being is a bad thing. Simple but the truth. If a person chooses not to see that it's a personal choice again and so no-one else is culpable if that person does hurt others, just the one who applied the violence toward others. Society conditions no-one to be violent other than the armed forces. Society unfortunately forgets to recondition those armed forces once they leave active service. But again, to harm others is a personal choice only, you do or you don't is a choice that goes through everyone's mind before they either do or don't. If you hurt others you are scum as far as I'm concerned. I believe those who deliberately harm others are the lowest of the low. And that includes mentally too, mental abuse is the worst kind especially when certain individuals like to appear aloof and superior and shout down those they deem as inferior intellects. Superscillious attitudes only serve to show the aloof for the fools they really are.
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    Can't evolution continue PAST survival of the fittest??? I think use of violence is a form of regression.

    Why violence is ubiquitous in our society is truly a puzzle. It disgusts me.

    I honestly don't think the tiny weapons included with our SW figures induce any violent tendencies.
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    Viloence in the media (or multi-media these days) does have a flip side.

    What about providing an outlet for those with violent impulses?

    Some would argue that these types of outlets are positive because it allows people to draw distinctions between reality and fantasy.

    Turning on a video game and killing some bad guys vs other outlets such as running, lifting weights, playing sports, etc?

    Some would argue that having a person with violent impulses vent by improving their physical conditioning is insane.

    I believe that the bottom line is that humans as a whole are a violent species. We have made great strides to reduce violene, but it will never truely be gone from human nature.

    But that's OK, because it makes the achievements of society and individuals that much more inspiring.

    We should never deny who we are, but instead face it, deal with it and overcome. It is our ability to overcome that drives us.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    Originally posted by EricRG

    I honestly don't think the tiny weapons included with our SW figures induce any violent tendencies.

    Check out the Collector's Database on this site. Click on Star Wars/Habro,Kenner/2002-Now Saga/Role-Playing

    Choose an item (15 Found)
    Description Have Qty Want Qty Released
    Anakin Skywalker Electronic Lightsaber 0 0 4/02
    Anakin Skywalker Interactive Jedi Training Lightsaber 0 0 9/02
    Basic Lightsaber 0 0 4/02
    Battle Droid Blaster Rifle 0 0 4/02
    Color Change Lightsaber (Mace Windu) 0 0
    Count Dooku Electronic Lightsaber 0 0 4/02
    Darth Tyranus Electronic Lightsaber 0 0 8/02
    Jango Fett Action Set 0 0 4/02
    Jango Fett Electronic Blaster 0 0 4/02
    Jedi Electronic Lightsaber (Green) 0 0 11/02
    Jedi Electronic Lightsaber (Orange) 0 0 11/02
    Jedi Knight Action Set 0 0 4/02
    Mace Windu Electronic Lightsaber 0 0 11/02
    Obi-Wan Kenobi Electronic Lightsaber 0 0 4/02
    Yoda Electronic Lightsaber 0 0 12/02

    Key word being ROLE-PLAYING. What's the point of a toy gun? Does size matter? Is a 3cm gun less violently influential than a 12" replica? They're both guns and even a kid knows what to do with one: you point it at another guy and the other guy falls down. Big gun, small gun, gun made with your's all the same to a kid. They are taught from an early age what weapons are, how to use them, and what happens.

    So why is there a distinction made in our minds between "safe" toy guns and the correlation to real violent tendencies? Is it just to make ourselves feel better about having those things in our homes or do the toys really have no negative long term effects whatsoever?
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    It seems logical as human beings who continue with evolution, that we would shed our violent and barbaric tendencies, however, it seems that this is not the case.

    I think a large part of the violent tendencies that our children (especially with males) are increasingly displaying, can be attributed to a lack of parenting. Respect, for authority, for your fellow human beings no matter if they of a different religion or race, also plays a large part as well. As someone who works for public schools, I can tell you in from some of the classes that I have been in, kids, not parents are running the show at home. And it all starts at a young age too.

    It all starts with respect for rules. If a parent is lax on enforcement, or inconsistent with applications, then a child will get away with all that they can. Give kids an inch and they will take a mile.

    Also, you almost think that some kids don't hear the words "no" until the first time they are at school. They aren't used to that type of structured environment where they can't do whatever the want, whenever they want. These are the kids who throw hissy fits and/or lash out at others or the teacher when they are reprimanded.

    Inevitably, no matter how hard a teacher tries, the parents will ultimately have the most influence on their children. If parents are neglectful, if they don't monitor the children's TV or if they let them play certain too violent video games, if they constantly fight, swear, listen to Eminem, talk negatively about certain groups of people, then this will rub off onto their children.

    Plus, with today's busy and hectic society, more of this neglect is happening. Many people don't seem to take the time needed to be a parent anymore. With many mothers working full-time and dads too, there are many voids left to be filled in a child's life. It is up to the parent to make sure that their needs are being met.
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