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    more jawas anyone?

    Now that the Sandcrawler is finally coming out ---- is there anybody out there besides me who'd like to see a new jawa two pack? Obviously, i'd like them to be sculpted somewhat like the last one ---- i.e. have legs like the one that came with the Power Droid.

    Or how about a R1-G4 packed with that "tall" Jawa? (The one Jargo is always going on about.) Talk about a winning combo! Why stop there? Maybe and R5-D4 (FINALLY!!!!) with a slightly retooled Jawa? Heck, Hasbro! Just re-use the mold from the Gonk! Gonk! pack! I don't care! I just need more of the little guys. (Not to mention an R5-D4.)

    Heck, i'd even be up for an army builder of just that "legged" Jawa alone. Who couldn't use four more once that Sandcrawler finally hits. For now, I can only hope that he's the "other" jawa pack-in. (I actually don't mind that the "Ronto" jawa is confirmed as I never got that guy and I believe he is slightly different from either of the figures from the two pack.)

    Or maybe --- ideally --- they could do an all new sculpt of the Jawa with the fan for all of you Jabba the Hutt enthusiasts. That would be pretty dang cool.

    Am I totally alone on this? What do you guys think? Jawas were always my favorite when I was a kid, so I'm admittedly somewhat biased towards this character, but I really think we could use more. They've had cameos in the two new films now with no no figures! Their home is coming soon at a Walmart near you. The rise of the Jawas is long overdue in my book.

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    Their was an old book that McQuarrie put out called the Expanded Universe. I wish that they would make jawa accessories. It would be neat to have little tents and fires to go with the jawas. I too am anxiously awaiting the sandcrawler. I never had this as a kid and will finally get one.

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    I say abig YES! to more jawas. I've been mentioning elsewhere recently that we need more jawas. I think we came to the conclusion that a Jawa army builder set was the answer. An army of jawas including the freaky tall one and the teeny tiny one and sacked out jawas all dopey and sleepy and grumpy... no that's dwarves isn't it anyway, all manner of jawas with jawa tools like welding torches and restraining bolts and droids and junk pieces like the piece that came with Teemto - only different... and more jawas and more droids and more jawas.

    Actually, jawas have featured in all movies but ESB. So far only the commtech one has done them justice. More jawas like that is the key. The benchmark jawa so to speak. The POTF2 ones were okay up to a point but a little cartoony for my tastes. I like the fact that the commtech jawa had legs and waist articulation. Course, soft goods Jawa would be too much to ask for but that'd be sweet. I'd like to see a Jawa with pilfered Imperial hardware. Telling me with so many Imperials all over the place and so many jawas all over too that one wouldn't try to 'liberate' some Imperial supplies? Course they would!
    See i think more jawas and more Ewoks and More Tusken raiders are just as important as soldier army builder sets. All of them are tribes and warriors and all are just as resourceful as the others and just as accessorised.

    More of everything with extra everything please hasbro.

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    Sentinel18725 --- that books sounds really interesting. I'll have to try to check it out. Also, your post got me thinking ---- a Jawa accessory pack would be totally cool! It could include a fire pit, various droid parts. Maybe a Mining Droid or two . . .

    Jargo --- your Jawa army builder pack would totally be my dream! Four new Jawas! Drool!

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    i got 5 jawas, and i could go for way more.
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    Actually, I was thinking that since the Jawa is half a figure height they could do eight to a pack instead. I think that's only fair givewn the size of the Jawa clans.

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    I just want to say that I have fourteen Jawas, and it's not enough. I'm hooked on the little hooded scavengers.

    True, the CommTech version IS the best, but the others are very nice; one of Hasbro's better efforts from the early POTF2 days.

    I'd love a Jawa with knee and elbow articulation.

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    I'm game for more jawas...what does everyone think about cloth capes??? I'd like to see more ewoks. Bring on any army bulder type figs Hasbro can dish out.
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    I've mentioned this in a few threads also, most recently in one of the army builder threads. Like I said in there, the Sandtrooper troop builders are going to need target practice.

    And now, with the sandcrawler coming out, there is even more need for Jawas.
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    I've also always had a foundness for the dink dinks.
    A cloth jawa would be a welcome addition, as would the tall jawa. It would be nice if theyd be able to incorporate a jawa and R1-G4 as stated above.
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