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    Question Which is better?

    Hey all, I have a question for you guys. Now, with the upcomming ROTJ Luke, Vader, Fett, and the Han, Chewie, and Snowtrooper, how do you guys think youll be obtaining them? Ordering or thru the retail stores. I have order a majority of my Saga Collection figures off of, and I even have credit there, Im a regular customer, but do you think its wise, or should I wait until they come to my store. My stores rarely get anything new, but I have been suprised over the last couple of weeks. I saw an ephant mon at Toys R Us the other day, but I had no money , its what a girlfriend will do to ya, ahahaha. So Im savin my xmas money, hehe, for those figs. So, store or online, which do you guys prefer? Thanks all!!

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    I prefer to buy new figures from a retail store and save the online shops for older stuff. If I wait long enough I can usually find a figure at almost any store.

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    I prefer to get them at retail, but the last few figures I've gotten have all been from KB's site and Amazon. I may end up doing it that way, or I may not, just depends on who has the better prices.
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    It all depends on your local area. I have around 4 Toy's R Us, 3 Targets, and countless KB toy stores in my local area, so that increases my chances.

    I prefer to buy from retail, cause obviously that's the cheapest way. And by being patient, I've managed to find any new toys I've wanted at these stores (with one exception = Masters Of the Darkside two pack, had to pay $30 for that one!).

    I've bought a few vintage items, and sold a few newer figs to Brians Toys. But I just can't see paying the prices they charge for newer releases.

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    I prefer to get figures at retail. It's a little cheaper than online and certainly a LOT more cheaper than Brian's Toys.
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    here in france most figs aren't even released at retail so I usualy order online or get them when I'm on vacation (bought a lot last summer in australia)
    but usualy online
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    Well the 1st thing you did wrong was choosing Brian's toys. There's many online stores that sell for less. IMHO Brian is a scalpter (please remember I said IMHO, before you jump all over me). But I guess more power to him if uninformed people buy from him. 2nd is you bought online. I know, sometimes it can't be helped. I bought most of the POTJ online, but should had waited, because they all showed up at TRU one time or another. The best thing to do is find some local collectors in your area and help each other out. I havn't bought any of the the Saga figures online or E-bay to this day. Oh wait I got a bloody Luke from E-bay and then I found one at a Target. Gofigure. Start a Just Found Thread in your area and I bet you will meet some great people and some friends that love SW as much as you do. ..........On the other hand, sometimes my buddies and I can't find anything, so Online is a good idea. Sometimes I go to a store everyday for a month and leave empty handed everytime. So I guess paying a little more justifies the gas money and aggravation. Hell do what you feel is right.
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    I'd go with KEBco once your "credit" at Brian's Toys runs out. All of the figures in their "One of Every Figure" club is priced at $5.99 across the board.

    That's really not a bad price for on-line retailing. Also note... I stated $5.99 across the board- meaning: their prices don't change due to the perceived "rarity" of a figure.
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    I actually have to defend Brian's Toy's. I don't shop from them often, I've bought a few POTF-2 tems from them for cheap, but I live about 30 minutes from where the Brian's toys factory store is. I live in the largest city within an hour driving radius, and I have never had a problem finding toys.
    While I do agree that some of Brian's Toy's prices are outrageous, I'd hate to put them in the same line as Comic Shop Bob who snatches up all the local Ephant Mon's and charges $9 at his store. I'd imagine that Brian has some over seas connections, and that's why for the mark-up on early preleleases.

    I'm also like Turbowars, I shop at least a few times a week, and mostly leave empty handed, although when I see the item on the peg for the first time, it's like an enlightening. Although with the time and gas I invest I'm sure Kebco would be a better baragin, althoug opeining a cardboard box can't compae to seeing it in the store.
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    I prefer stores over internet shopping, unless I really can't find a figure no matter how hard I look. For instance, I was thinking of ordering some Clone Pilots on the internet, and yesterday at Wal-Mart, I saw a box marked "Star Wars Collection I, Wave 8", and I got 2 Pilots (there were some other good ones in there, but I had them [like Yoda JM and Dooku DL]). However, the internet is a great way to get figs that are not available anymore.
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