Damn Fox straight to hades! Once again, Fox has a good, break-the-mold, not-entirely-mainstream show on their hands (2 actually counting John Doe, but that's a different issue) and they bury it in the dregs of their schedule on Friday night. Why not just air a test pattern or infomercials in its place, may as well be honest about it. I think Firefly is pretty good, definitely one of the few shows for Fox that is entertaining enough to return for, yet I can already sense the sword of damocles hanging perilously above it -- a la Dark Angel, The Lone Gunmen, Futurama, and Family Guy. If I could say one thing to Hollywood, it would be to boycott Fox until they start nurturing new series better rather than the current policy of the 13-ep heave-ho. While I don't know the crew of Serenity is getting keel-hauled and I certainly hope the show lasts a long time, I won't be surprised if it gets the axe by May.

That said, tonight's show was really solid and did a nice job of building just a tiny taste of the overall story rather than an overwhelming amount. One thing I really liked was that River isn't just a zombie here, she's creative and resourceful when the need arrives. Also, the bounty hunter - while bearing a few slight similarities to other sci-fi mercenaries - was a very interesting character and reminded me of someone we'd meet on "The Adventures of Briscoe County Jr." rather than just a generic hunter/killer.