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Anybody watchin' Firefly?

As a matter of fact, I ordered Firefly: The Complete Series and Serenity on Black Friday, based on endless recommendations (and Whedon's work on Toy Story and Avengers). I had an inkling I'd probably think it was at least okay, and didn't know I'd be getting a blu-ray for Christmas that I could use to stream them for free from Amazon Prime on a decent-sized screen, but, eh, oh well.

Finally started watching yesterday. I've torn through the first two discs so far, and am having to constantly tell myself not to start the third until I get some work done. This is a pretty amazing show. I'm already a bit saddened that it'll be ending altogether soon (well, for me, since I still haven't seen half the series and the movie).

I'm glad to see that there are graphic novels; even if they're not full-on additional seasons like with Buffy, there's a little beyond the series when I'm done. (Unlike Pushing Daisies, which was supposedly being continued by DC Comics--we've even seen artwork!--but has been in a sort of black hole since the initial announcement.)