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    Who at Hasbro is responsible for the HUGE increase in quality w/ the POTJ line?

    after seeing all the new pics at the Wizard con, who do we thank at Hasbro for finally getting them to make consistently awsome figures?

    I'm seriously wondering...

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    Thumbs up Whoever it was

    Who ever it was deserves high fives all around. Great work Habro, KEEP it up.
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    Someone must have gotten drunk and then lost a bet. That's the only plausible explanation.

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    Thumbs up

    Lets all hope it keeps up! I even like the new lightsaber blade sculpt. It represents the bright spot at the emitter
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    I'm sure that Hasbro does listen to it's fanbase quite a bit. The see which way the wind is blowing with better sculps and more articulation from other companies and they had to figure out a way to maintain interest in the line and get hardcore collectors to buy all the same characters over again so...
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    Even though they look great, they are still a few evolutionary steps behind.

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    They must be getting ready for Episode 2s line so they are testing some things out
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    I have a feeling that this sudden upswing in fan support will decrease in the future. 2006 maybe? I don't know.
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    The answer was Galoob division.
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    They should put them back in charge, all the Droids from AOTC and ROTS wilt after 6 seconds, my Security Droid hasn't wilted even after 6 years. Yet, Hasbro is still trying to "perfect" a Battle Droid.

    Really, how hard would it be to use the same plastic formula and just take away the lever? It's the perfect mix of sturdiness and flexibility as well as just an awesome sculpt with awesome paint detail. It's only flaw is the "quick draw" lever.
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