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    What were your thoughts of AOTC Teaser Trailer?

    What were your thoughts of AOTC Teaser Trailer?

    Let's talk about it here!
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    Thumbs up AOTC teaser trailer

    Well, to be honest I would of liked to have seen a little bit more in the trailer but I thought the "teaser trailer" did what it was designed to do - that is be simply a "teaser", but it was very cool to see something new about AOTC. I'm really glad that it wasn't a bunch of clips of all the stuff that we've seen in the Insider and on

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    I had been able to stay relatively cool and laid back when it came to anticipation of the film. But now I just can't wait! Argghh! May 2002 can't come fast enough!
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    don't'll get here quick if you don't htink about it, and hey! we got another trailer on harry potter...soon enough...

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    Thumbs up

    Teaser?!? Teaser!? It was terrible... how short it was! Arrgh! I loved it, but I wanted more! Oh well. "We shall be patient." Just enough to wet the whistle, a whole planet enough of wetness!
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    Here's the thing: I already knew what each scene was from, and what was going on. I have to say the production value looks great and everything is right on. But with having read 'the story' on TFN maybe almost a year ago, I am not in angst over any rabid anticipation. I cared most about the legend. I can wait to see it acted out. Looks like E3 is a step higher in quality over anything we've seen before. I like the look of the movie, but wonder if it will match with the rest of the story.

    Of course finally seeing it acted out will be great to actually experience some sort of catharsis with the passion involved (I use that term loosely, to mean not only romance, but deep obsession with vengeance, etc). And finally, it will be confirmation of whether or not TFN got it right, and whether I bought the correct amount of Episode 2 action figures.

    It's one of my favorite hobbies, but it amounts to "something to do" and it's not going to change my life.

    Star Wars means to me: a genre for dioramas and art to match the collection I assemble; a topic to spring board into forum discussions and fiction to write. A sort of collective interest to share with fellow fans, like a favorite sports team. The legend's being written well is paramount. The movie is just the main media vehicle that keeps it all going.

    Well, in my particular case, spoilers do make a spoiled brat. But alas, I'm still having fun, and it's well before May.

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    (it was alright.)
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    As a teaser, I thought it was pretty cool and didn't fail anywhere except 2 short scenes that looked more like video game movies than actual big-screen stuff. I expected a lot less and was given a nice surprise. I kinda don't want to see more for a few months, but I'll still go and see the longer trailer next week.
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    Post SW or LOTR?


    I enjoyed it....BUt there is still something missing....
    Having been a die-hard, overly dedicated fan of 24 years....
    I find the new footage lacking in one respect....the magic....
    Just as Ep. I lacked....there is somehing of the escapism lost.
    This looks more like a SW rip off than its prequels....

    I don't know....After being so let down by Ep.I....I just hope this one redeems the epic emotions for me!

    I found the LORD OF THE RINGS teaser trialer MUCH more fulfilling than I did "Breathless" for Ep.II.....


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    The images were all cool, as expected, but I was dissapointed in the lack of a soundtrack. The breathing didn't have any kind of "eerie" impact or anything so the effect of the entire teaser felt rather weak. As for the selection of shots, I thought they were all well thought out. We got to see a bit of the romance, a tease of Boba Fett, and most importantly, a hint of the massive army and potential battle to come. All that without giving away the story as so many other trailers manage to do today. So, all in all, a fair effort, but the addition of a better soundtrack would take it up to excellent.


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