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Thread: Re-issue trend!

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    Re-issue trend!

    In the last couple of years we have seen the re-issue of Masters of the Universe and Trans Formers.

    I would just like to say that I would LOVE to see Hasbro re-issue the first 12 Star Wars figures on the original artwork 12 back cards.

    They should stay true to the original package design with the only change being made to the copyright and date stamps. This includes using the Kenner logo, which shouldn't be a problem since Hasbro bought out Kenner.

    This would go for the figures as well, current date stamp on the new/vintage figure. I would like to see the re-issues with vinyl cape jawas.

    Last, HOPEFULLY, Hasbro could use a bubble that won't turn yellow with time.

    Who's with me?

    Hasbro could sell these in a non-movie year, like late 2003 or early/late 2004! That way they have time to do all of the work-up AND they don't have to worry about competing with the new movie merchandise.

    If this isn't feasable, then they could look at doing these after EP3, say in 2007?!?! That would make these a 30 year anniversary special!
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    Doesn't that totally invalidate the vintage versions? I can't see there being much support for this, I'm sure someone else has the facts but I think the last time Hasbro re-issued the figures they went down like a lead balloon. If I recall from JJB's last post on this Hasbro said never again to vintage re-issues. The only vintage re-issues likely to happen are vehicles as we're seeing now. Shuttle, twin pod cloud car etc. Unfortunately for you i think you're **** out of luck without a paddle to steer home.

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    I don't think it completly invalidates the originals if the new ones are marked with 200X dates.

    Sure, there will be some vintage collectors who oppose the idea. It may devalue their collections.

    However, let's look at the idea for a minute.

    1. Most collectors cannot afford the $250+ price tag for carded vintage 12 backs. But they would love to get their hands on a good replica, at a cheap price.

    2. Most collectors already had the vintage figures back when Hasbro did their re-issue. Who wants to buy a reissue Stormtrooper in some ugly new package when they already have one loose or MOMC?

    3. The difference here would be that these are in the original style pkg. Which would increase their popularity.

    4. The collecting community has grown significantly since Hasbro did their re-issue. I never even saw them at retail, because I just didn't collect back then.

    5. Many young collectors have joined our ranks in recent years, most of whom would like to have the original 12 carded, but just can't afford them, not to mention that they exist in limited numbers.

    6. Look at the popularity of the MOTU re-issues or the Trans Formers (Hasbro) re-issues. Star Wars is MUCH more popular than either of these lines EVER were.

    If Hasbro only did those 12 figures, then collectors would be happy and those who have vintage carded collections wouldn't get too mad, because it's just the first 12. It's not like I'm asking for the last 17 POTF re-issues.

    Not only that but it may even stimulate some nostalgia and bring more collectors into the could happen.

    Sure, maybe it's just a pipe dream, but I have a better chance of getting Hasbro to do this, than I do of buying the originals for my collection.
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    Agreed on the cheaper chance to get them argument. Agreed that vintage collectors would throw a hissy fit again. Agreed on the nostalgia point being a main selling angle. It's just with hasbro tending toward new stuff or EU stuff I think you'd have to argue really really hard to get them to move on this. I think the biggest drawback on re-issues is the lack of detail and the lack of anything exciting about vintage figures. Personally speaking and not speaking for anyone else here but myself, i hate the vintage figures now. I acknowledge that without them there would be no current figures possibly but that's a moot point seeing as sooner or later someone would have started making smaller action figures and sooner or later we would have got some star wars figures. But that's by the by. I always hated the lack of accuracy and detail in the vintage figures ewven way back when they first arived. I bought them simply because there was nothing else. But i was always bitterly disappointed in the lack of paint deco and the sort of smudged waxy appearance of the features, The straight up straight down arms were annoying and they just never satisfied like the modern era figures do. Nostalgia is best served cold, I.E. leave it where it resides in memory. Memory is warmer than reproductions that aren't the same quality that the originals were. bad quality repros of not so good quality product isn't going to be as pleasant an experience as you might think. Reproduction makes the figures smaller and the detail gets lost even more. Speaking for myself once again I would walk a mile to avoid repro vintage figures.
    You aren't the first person recently to mention this. I seem to remember that someone put forward a thread in the saga section and it didn't get favourable responses.
    I'm not saying that they should never be done, nor am i poopooing your idea or request. I'm simply adding my thoughts on the matter and saying that i wouldn't be at all interested. But should they be done again perhaps the fanclub would the appropriate place to offer them rather than take up reguler retail space on an item that has limited appeal. Note i said limited, because no-one is really sure how they'd be taken right now. But i suspect that limited is the right estimation.

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    I personally would LOVE to see this happen! Even if it means that prices drop for the originals. Maybe even especially so! Then I'd probably just re-purchase all the originals I had and later lost as a child! I'm sure there would be many opposed to the idea, but since I collect for the fun factor alone (and never for investment purposes) this would be a dream come true for me! I could once again own all the originals I had enjoyed as a kid without having to first win the lottery.

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    I would buy them if they were on original style cards (like the MOTU repro line).

    That "classic 4 pack" had horrible packaging!
    The figures were slightly different though. They had modern sized peg holes in the feet, Luke & Vaders sabers were colored slightly differently, and the production dates on the actual figures were '95.

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    I would LOVE to see this happen! I'm 100 % for it.
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    I'd go for some of the later vintage releases like the final four Ewoks I suppose but isn't this call for re-releases just a subconscious thing because hasbro has turned so far away from the neutral posed ungimmicked figures now? The sad state of the current line is leading people to yearn for the style of old or something more akin to it? I just think it's a substitute. Wanting vintage re-releases is a substitute for decent modern figures you can play with. Just playing devil's advocate here so don't shoot okay? good.


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