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    Padme Droid Factory Carded Pic

    Ok, I can't get the link to work for some reason, but go to and scroll down a little bit.
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    Dude, the link's not workin' for me. Goto Yakface, I will. Thanks.

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    Btw, we're also seeing the reasearch droids for the first time.

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    Yeah if the links worked, since trying the link you first posted my browser is now telling me that my link in my favourites folder to yakface is linked to a jpeg of padme at ssg. can anyone post the pics here because now i can't get into padmejpgechostationssg... thank you please ta.

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    I can't go to YakFace at all. No error message, nothing. Just can't get there from here...

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    That's what I got then found my link was all mucked up. tried refreshing the browser pane, reloading the browser and it's jiggered with it somehow, screwed favourites up completely. But then Yakface is always a pain to get into for me, takes three years to load. Not as bad as certain other websites which delight in long download times it's likely down to heavy traffic if they've posted pics the world and his mother in law will be trying to get there. no doubt someone will post the pics soon enough. someone always does. share and share alike sort of thing.

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    got in, here's Padme carded front.

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    And here's the back.

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    Cool, Padme looks great in her final version. Here mouth being open doesn't look all that bad. Still tons better then Padme #1. But you can't get much worse then that one. The Library droids are sweet, can't wait to pick them up.

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    Yeah, good work on this Padme, Hasbro! Really!

    Her arms look to be molded with articulation & hands similar to Padme Pilot. Love all that articulation!

    BTW, is it just me, or does the Tusken look a bit pudgy?


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