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  • Yes, one or two more would be nice now.

    375 56.90%
  • No. I don't want to see these.

    284 43.10%
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    Yes. . .yes. . .and YES!!!

    I voted yes. . . because the more variety we have the better! It would be ultra cool to have every single Pod and their Racer. However, I do have to agree with some of the statements made by others who have voted 'no'. Yes. . . I agree that other vehicles should be made first (Sith Infiltrator, Episode II vehicles, etc.), but the Pod Race was an important, and exciting part of Episode I, and those vehicles should be made as well. On the topic of the two current pod's poor sales, I think we all agree. Yes. . . pretty much all of Episode I sold poorly, but that doesn't mean that future Episode I products will follow suit. Hasbro doesn't necessarilly need to mass produce them. I think Pod Racers & Pilots would be a great Fan Club Exclusive opportunity. The fans are the ones who want the pod's, so sell them through the fan club. Release like one, or two a year. . . they could make it like an on-going series. I think it would be a great idea. One problem, albeit small, that I have, is pack-in's. I think you would have to pack-in the pilot with the pod to add to the sellability. This is good for pilots we don't have. . . but what about the one's we do? I don't think anyone will be crazy about having two Ody, Gasgano, or Teemto's. I think I'll be able to get over that though, as long as they are making the pod. But then again. . . I'm for Hasbro making every single thing from the Star Wars saga. . . so I guess I'm happy as long as they're making something we don't already have.
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    12" line!!!! Wholly crap!!!! They would be massive!!!! I would like to see the pilots themselves in 12" form though. . . that would be very nice.
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    Yes. The kiddos really like them and they were very well conceived vehicles. But first PLEASE re-release the fueling station!!

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    Of course the question was, should Hasbro make more Podracer Vehicles.

    I'll still say "yes!"

    But if we are to prioritize our desires, then sure, there are a few other large items I'd much rather purchase first, like a new Death Star Playset , a new Star Destroyer Ship/Playset, the Naboo Royal Cruiser, etc etc etc.

    BUT, it would still be nice to have more than two Podracers, especially if we have the pilots for them.

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    "Hasbro doesn't necessarilly need to mass produce them"

    well, you do understand that even a fan club exclusive is mass-produced, right? i mean, the money it costs to design and make molds and assembly techniques etc... you can't really just make a few hundred or thousand of something and have all that investment pay off. you need to make 10s of thousands. there just aren't 10s of thousands of people who give two flips about the podracers. sorry.

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    If Hasbro does make more pod racers, I'd like to see some of the more popular pod-racers like Ben Quadinaros or Ratts Tyerell made, not an obscure racer.

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    I'm in favor of more Podracer's, if not the vehicles, then the figures.
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    Originally posted by dr_evazan22
    I'm not too interested to see the 3-3/4" scale podracers, but would like to see them all in the Action Fleet scale.
    That's how I feel, the Action Fleet line would be the only place I'd bother buying these. Ani's and Sebulba's podracers were really at the forefront of that part of the story, the others were mainly background fodder and NONE of them survived to the end of the race anyway, so I don't think I'd buy them as 4"-scale toys. Plus, there's no way Gasgano or Ody Mandrell could even fit in their pods since both figs were sculpted without leg joints that can sit.

    Maybe 3 years ago I would have been interested, but not now. They're not vehicles vital to any part of the Star Wars story except that one segment from Ep 1, you can't put them in the background of Coruscant or fighting against the Imperial forces or shuttling people through Cloud City. Hence, I voted no.
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    I'm not interested in the pods being produced, the podrace scene isn't on my list of dioramas compared to other scenes in EP2 or the classic trilogy!

    Forget these minor vehicles, its about time we got a decent PLAYSET!!!!
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    I would rather prefer the pilot figures... maybe 2-packs or something like that... The only reason I bought the Sebulba Podracer at that time was to get the Sebulba figure... I know I would´t buy a new Podracer ... I rather spend my money whwn a new Falcon comes out...


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