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    Should Hasbro make more Podracer Vehicles?

    With many collectors extremely satisfied with the way Hasbro has recently been making new vehicles for Star Wars action figures, is it about time we got some more podracers?

    There were 18 of these speedy little vehicles and their pilots designed for Episode One: The Phantom Menace.

    We currently have action figures for:

    Anakin Skywalker
    Ody Mandrell
    Teemto Pegules

    But we have podracers for only the first 2 pilots.

    Anakin's features remote-activated air breaks, while Sebulba has a deadly sneak-cheat vibro-drill.

    Toys could be made for Ody Mandrell's racer which fires "pit droid missles," while Teemto Pegules could launch its pod into an unrecoverable spin from 'catching Tusken fire.'

    Mawhonic's engine's could explode, and Ben Quadrinaros could launch 3 out of 4 of them in all directions.

    We could get new figures of more of these fine pilots.

    At the very least, diorama builders could get a little further with a nice rendering of the Mos Espa Podracing Arena, and video game racers could have more models of their favorite crafts they win with!

    So do you think Hasbro should make more Podracer Vehicles?
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    I decided to vote No. I'm personally not a hugh fan of the vehicles produced by Hasbro. While the have produced some good stuff, the quality hasn't been the greatest on a lot of the products. Additionally, I'm having enough problems trying to figure out where to display all my action figures, add vehicles to the mix and I'm going to have to put and addition on my house.

    Although, I do think it would be pretty cool to see someone make a 3 3/4" diaorama.

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    The more, the better

    I'm a big fan of vehicles in the line. So, yeah! My son and I made our own "versions" some time ago when he wanted to race around the house with more then just the two Hasbro gave us. It would be great to see official versions.

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    I am a huge fan of most of the vehicles produced by Hasbro, but there are so many other vehicles I would rather see them make that I would hate to see them waste the effort of pods. We will never get all the vehicles (even the major ones) from the movies. So I really can't see them producing more background fodder that isn't important to the storyline. How many pods can a kid play with at once anyway (they only have two hands to hold them.) A rebel transport with a General Rieeken pack in would be nice though. A retooled Y-wing in scale with the F/X and Saga X-wings would sell like mad (as long as it wasn't a target exclusive and we could actually find it.)

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    The two podracers we have already are ok, but they take up a lot of space. I don't think I would buy anymore pods right now, and I also think that it would be a bad marketing decision for Hasbro. I would like to see more pilots however. Maybe if they released just the driver and the pod without the big engines.

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    I'd at least like to see pods for the figures that have been produced.

    Also, eventually would like to see ones for (as well as their figures):

    Mars Guo
    Ben Quadinaros
    Ratts Tyerell

    All of which had more than the average screen time for the podracers and played a part in the race (all crashed in some form or another). For those racers who didn't actually do anything but race, IMHO, we can "faa'ged abow id". (Say it out loud, you'll get it)
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    I'm not too interested to see the 3-3/4" scale podracers, but would like to see them all in the Action Fleet scale.
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    no. for heaven's sake, save the world's plastic supply for the endless variations of clone war vehicles, guns, tanks, and troop carriers that fans will no doubt clamor for, and leave the pod racers (that people avoided in droves) alone. there's a very good reason that all of the phantom menace vehicles (pod racers included) were blown out for pennies on the dollar-- NO ONE CARES! please stop begging hasbro to make 10,000 units of some specific toy so that a few people can have living-room sized dioramas.

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    I voted "No" (the first time I think I ever voted "no" on any SW related item. I remember seeing piles of Anakin and Sebulba Podracers in TRU and Walmarts here. Why multiply two market failures with at least 5 more? Reading a few of your comments, I too agree with some that there are vehicles we've been waiting to see for a long time, and Hasbro should concentrate on that. While these podracers may make good displays, the average collector is going to avoid them - if anything because of price. I don't see much success in this investment, and probably like most TPM items, it will just end up on the Island of Misfit Toys at some point.
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    I voted yes but for the 12" line. I understand it would be huge, but something I would like to see eventually.


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