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    Imperial officer head variants

    The website above has posted pics of the unproduced Imperial officer head variants from the POTJ era. galactic hunter had the story first but i wanted to bring it up here for discussion. These are really cool unpainted hardcopies of the heads but i did a quick paint job on the pics to sort of show how they might have ended up. I did them grey because i just have a weird feeling hasbro will do the upcoming head variants uniform a different color to black. Don't know why I think that but I do.

    Anyway, take the link above, go to unproduced products and have a mosey round at some cool first shots and here's my tweaked version of the head variants. feeble as my effort is.
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    I wish you had the actual version. The comparison is not good. Well for me anyways.
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    Here's the first one...

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    Is it just me, or does the middle shot of head #1 look like that prison guard from Shawshank Redemption?

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    I think #2 has herpes
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    Cooler than the 1138 version of Jango Fett for sure!
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    The sculpts are beautiful. How does production monkey so many of them up so badly? Those guys are Van Goghs for sure. Is this the face of the new figure coming this year?

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    If Hasbo is going to "Re-issue" the Imperial Officer, I hope it decides to use one of the different head sculpts- or both. Would be great for army builders and Dioramas.

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    Possibly Hasbro might use one, I'd guess that the fat faced one is a good contender since he's physically different to the current one. I prefer the skinny faced one though, looks meaner. It's entirely possible that a number of other heads were made and considered for use too. I still think hasbro should use both these and shove out a third variant or possibly use it for an officer rather than a light duties Stormtrooper which is what the officer we have really is. A proper tunic'ed officer with rank badge and all that,muse the fat head for it, make the skinny one another light duties Stormtrooper. In fact just keep churning out the head variants on new officers and uniform variants. I can't get enough of imperials. I want tons for my displays, Endor, Bespin, Tatooine, Death star hangar, I think I want about fifty different officers. Just to make it look right of course. And while they're at it shove out some more death star troopers too with straighter legs of different poses. Bad guys rock! (But rebels are cool too in a wishy washy sort of way).
    I think we need General Tagge, Col. Wulf Yalaren, new Captain Piett, Captain Needa, Admiral Ozzel, General Veers, Chief bast, LT. Praji, LT. Childsen, and that officer that says "you rebel scum!" he's cool. And the officer played by jeremy Bulloch on Bespin. Color variations in uniform too. Not enough Imperial officers I reckon.


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