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    Shuttle!!!! Shuttle!!!! Shuttle!!!! are also giving a shuttle away as their december competition.

    Wow... That's a big looking box, and here's hoping the auction is legit.
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    Very nice, very nice. Nubian eh?

    That is indeed a huge looking box. confirms the tinted cockpit canopy though doesn't it? cool. Can't wait, I'm starting to salivate now. There's only this darn pesky christmas thing getting in the way or it'd be here sooner. ME WAAAAAAAAANT!!!!!!!!

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    I'd agreed to buy it from a local store but I think that agreement may go out the window now as it'll cost me 50% more than from John.

    BTW Ivar shelving will be no good for that thing. The Gunship barely fits - where the heck is this gonna go?
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    You'd think something that big would have more Jedi Master points.

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    Corner units. Twice as much depth. :happy: plenty of room for two. If you have the deeper shelves the larger corner unit fits on nicely so you get a continuous shelf round a corner of the room and can have a display in three stages like all the Geonosis stuff, Arena battle on one shelf, clonetroopers against droids on another and the hangar duel on the third. Or, troopers on one shelf, shuttle and AT-AT on another and TIE craft on another. If you've got the shallower shelves nothing will really fit well apart from the TIE craft. But that's digressing somewhat.

    The paint job looks really nice on the wings and that dark patch on the sides that showed up dark blue on the last pic to surface doesn't appear to be too bad here. True it has no electronics but i don't mind that since I never use that sort of thing and take the batteries out of toys. It annoys the dog and I'd rather he didn't chew my toys to get them to shut up. But my what a beauty the shuttle is. breathtaking really even if it is just a lump of cheap plastic injection molded and sprayed with a few drips of paint. It's the effect of it with other toys that counts, the size and the over all detail of the sculpt. Just - awesome to think i'm finally getting one after all these years.... *sigh*
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    I just hope it doesn't have gummy landing gear that will bend under the weight of the ship. My TRU At-St was not able to stand after about 2 weeks out of the package.
    Xx crosses fingers xX

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    Well well well, we finaly see FAO's baby. Nice. I thought we might see a bit more exciting package though. One thing that is strange, is that it shows the Palpy's version, not the Hans and chewy's. I don't care, but just thought I would bring it up. It already sold with Buy It Now. So total for this lost soul of a buyer is $180 and it runs the chance of getting smashed on the way over from Singapore.
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    Originally posted by Adam
    You'd think something that big would have more Jedi Master points.

    I noticed that too...

    If I remember correctly, the FAO Fambaa had 50 JMP on the UPC and retailed for $75.00

    So, this monster has 80 JMP on the UPC and retails for $120.00

    MORE evidence that FAO goes ahead and marks stuff up 50% over what it should cost at a retailer like Target/Wal-Mart!!!


    Hasbro probably set the MSRP at about $75-80 price point, but because it's FAO, we get jacked. FAO pricing SUCKS. Plain and simple.


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    Originally posted by turbowars
    stuff about shuttle's packaging...
    I didn't even think about that turbo. Thats the wrong shuttle on the front.. silly Hasbro.

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    The back of the box looks ok, but the front looks like some custom job. Hasblow doesn't even have a clue as to which shuttle is which, they name it one but show the other!! I'll pass final judgement when mine arrives in Jan.
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