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    Thumbs up Rygar!

    I picked up Rygar the other day. I LOVE IT!

    If you ever played the original Rygar on the NES, you already have an idea of how fun it is.

    But they took the original concept of RYgar, and mixed it with Devil May Cry. It has a nice combo system, and the diskarmor has many different types, and moves.

    I am only a little ways into it, but you can practically destroy anything in the game, and it's a blast. The acting is a bit cheesy in it, but the gameplay is superb. And the bosses are HUGE!

    I would definately recommend this to everyone!
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    The NES Rygar was a weird modification of the original arcade scroller. That was an awesome game. I'll have to check this new one out.

    PS - my NES copy of Rygar never worked quite right, locked up a lot.
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    I remember playing Rygar on NES, but I forgot what it was like. All the reviews I've read on PS2 Rygar say it is awesome. GameSpy even gave it a Game of the Year award.
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    Looks like a cool game, and it is on top of many PS2 year end lists. I definately want to check this one out. Let me know about how many hours it takes you to go through it. I might just end up renting it- does it have any replay value? Looks like a cool game. There are just so many games I want to get to right now, but I can't break away from Unreal Championship.

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    I know what you mean. My DSL service has been down lately, so i haven't been able to play Unreal lately.

    But with Metroid, Rygar, Smackdown, Unreal Championship, Ghost Recon, and Splinter Cell all out at once, it definately makes it hard to play them all.
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    Ah! Good old NES Rygar. I had to leave the NES on for almost two days straight to beat it my first time. Now I can beat it in under two hours.
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    I remember I let a friend borrow Castlevania for Rygar. I took Rygar home, and a few hours later, I had finished it. I went back to get Castlevania that same day, because I had yet to beat the Grim Reaper.

    But I loved the game, despite it being short.

    I put in a few more hours on the new one, and it's still shaping up very nicely! I am in an egyptian type area now, and some of the areas are very nice.
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    Rygar was pretty slick on the NES, but pretty hallucinogenic. But then agains so was Mario. I cannot remember whether I could beat it or not. I wish they would bring back other properties.
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    Rygar - could have been better.

    I finished Rygar: TLA yesterday. Overall I thought the game was OK. Nothing outstanding. Way too short. My favorite boss was the hydra with the baby faces. Gave me the creeps.

    I got only half of the mystic stones. There was one section in the game that really was annoying. It was a hidden cave that you descended down. Each level you fight monsters until at the last level you get the ability to turn your disk-armor into guitar-armor. To make matters worse, if you defeat Cronus (who was way to easy to defeat) your reward is that your diskarmor can be converted to pizza-armor.

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