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    destroyer droid at target and TRU

    yesterday at a target in columbus ohio I found some destroyer droids from AOTC. I was suprised to see them but even more suprised to see them at target. I had only heard of people finding them at toys r us. so I bought one and went over to a toys r us. They had as many destroyer droids as they had other stuff. I was impressed. I hoped they would have jedi council yoda since they had so much of new stuff especially the destroyer droid. but I couldnt find one. They didnt have ephant mon either. but I didnt care. I already have one. If you really need an ephant mon at a good price go to
    they have them non mint for $8.99 and mint for $12.99 its cheeper than alot of stores who sell them for $19.99 or more.
    scooby-wan kadoobie

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    I also just picked up a Destroyer Droid tonight at TRU, in E. Brunswick, NJ. I was fortunate, though, because it was the only one there, and a kind young gentleman was just returning it to the pegs, having decided not to get it himself. There were lots of Clone Trooper pilots, but otherwise nothing new.

    Also stopped at the Target - but they had bupkis.

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    I found several at TRU here in Louisville today also. They did have a couple of the new Yodas too. I picked up one of them as well.
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