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    is there gonna be a cloned darth maul in AOTC?

    i heard this from one of my teachers...i don't know if teachers are realiable, but he is a fan...your thoughts?

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    Please, no! Darth Maul was intended to be a one-trick pony and bringing him back would be the ultimate caving in to fan 'demands.' Although I think this was one of the earliest rumors about Ep2 that or Maul was to be half-cyborg.
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    Sorry Ki-Adi Mundi's Bro but that issue has been chewd over again and again. GL said that Darth Maul will not be in any more of the movies, that's why he was cut in half at the end of TPM. Jango will provide enough Clones for all.
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    Maul is NOT going to be in episode 2. Think about it, would it really make sense if he did?

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    Darth Maul is dead let him rest!!!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by GNT
    Darth Maul is dead let him rest!!!!!!!
    And so was this thread, it now lives will Maul?

    Sorry, just wanted the opportunity to quote GNT
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    Quote Originally Posted by Banthaholic
    And so was this thread, it now lives will Maul?

    Sorry, just wanted the opportunity to quote GNT

    And of all the pointless posts he made, you had to choose this one?
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    It's funny to look back through some of these threads and read the ridiculous rumors.
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    i heard that all the dead sith are gonna return as vengeful spirits in ep 7 and attempt world domination from beyond the grave.

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    I cetainly hope not!!! That would be more awful than the news of the film's title!

    I think Ray Park was asked to do some stunt consulting work, but that was about it. I don't know if anything ever came of it.
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