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    2003 Deluxe Figure PICS!

    Obi-Wan & Jango.

    Jango looks like a rehash of Kamino Escape Jango.

    Kenobi looks SWEET though!

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    Well, there you have it kids...

    There's your "wet look" Obi-Wan. It's really not so bad except for the fact that he's force pushing something that never existed. I like the landing platform pieces. The Jango DOES look a little "rehashed". Oh, well... you give a little- you take a little.
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    Um... those look terrible. Sure it's wet Obi-Wan but geez, he's got a frickin tube in his arm! And for what? For a "force push". Judging from the picture, you push down on the pillar and it uses air to push the crate off the invisible base. Um... that's one thing that would've been right to do with magnets. Just put a magnet in his hand and he could've not needed an base to stand on, nor a tube running from his arm but he could still push the crate away.

    Jango looks like KE Jango with a new right arm and a topple-over pillar. Even the first Deluxe Jango was more original.
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    What I don't think I like is the large holes that will be in these figures' backs.

    Doesn't anyone see the large plastic tube running into each of their backs?

    Obi-Wan's is used to blow air out of his hand to knock over figures, like that Luke Dagobah suit case he seems to come with, which I doubt has the second clear plastic stand piece that it's sitting on, included....

    Jango may not be poseable at all, so that the figure is light enough to shoot off his stand when you pump the airpump launcher.

    I just hope these things fit standard plugs so I can refill my basketball....

    The figures look OK. You can't mess Jango up (aesthetically) really (the last deluxe figure being the latest exception) but I need to see a closeup of Obi-Wan's head to tell for sure how good he looks.

    Innovative, but again, the Deluxe figures are mostly for kids to play with. I don't really play with my Force flippers, so I doubt I'll be running around the room with a bicycle pump, chasing my action figures, either...

    Sorry to sound negative. I usually really like what Hasbro does. But the deluxe line scares me (Clone, Yoda, C-3PO, Nexu being some exceptions).

    Meanwhile, the airpump's Kamino disguises are kind of cool... just not THAT cool. Oh well, so far I DO plan to buy these. But I'd like a regular carded Obi-Wan with the wet look, and no airhose hole in his back!
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    Tycho, Jango doesn't have a tube running into him. The thing hanging behind him is his firing missile from the reused 300th Boba/KE Jango jetpack. Obi-Wan would've been better having it be used with magnets, cause then he would be mobile. Think of the limitations now that you gotta take around that huge pump just to use his force action. I mean if they had done it with magnets, then you could have fun "force-pushing" other stuff.
    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
    "I am a Klingot from Oklahoma in human boy form."
    "We came, we saw, we conquered... We, woke up!"

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    See, this is exactly what ****es me off! That Obi Won looks like a perfectly good figure but then they have to make it deluxe and come with Crap no one really wants or has space for! GEEZ!! JUST MAKE ACTION FIGURES!!!!

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    Wet Obi with his robe on looks pretty good and can only get better. And the accesories look like they can double for nice set pieces in a diaroama. Let's not forget the Bacta tank Luke had some funky gadgets, but it looks pretty cool standing alone.

    It's a much needed addition and if you don't like it don't buy it.
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    That Jango Fett looks awesome!! I am DEFINITELY buying that Jango Fett figure, it looks to me like the definitive Kamino/Coruscant Jango Fett
    I just LOVE the sculpt, it's exactly how he is in the movie when he takes his blasters out and starts firing at Obi-Wan!!

    Kamino Escape is a fantastic Jango Fett figure but with the helmet on, it looks kinda crappy how you can see his neck (petty I know!).

    Those accessories are great for diorama's though
    One question... do you think we'll get a normal rocket for Jango's Jetpack like we did for Kamino Escape? I would much prefer that as I display my figures, I don't play with them.

    I'm sure you could cut the tube off Obi-Wan with a scalpole, that is a very good Obi Wan, finally a normal robed Obi Wan Kenobi

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    Forget the don't like don't buy argument. These are poo products and unless they're designed for retards I can't see the play value for kids in them. And who needs more Jango or Obi-Wan figures anyway? Okay maybe the Obi as a basic figure might have been okay but another Jango? how dull. I thought they might have shown some of the other deluxe figures like the spider droid or the destroyer droid launcher. I really feel scared about what they've gimmicked up the spider droid with now. And we have randy at Hasbro to blame for all this apparently, Star wars kids had an interview webchat thing where he stated that his job was to gimmickize the figures and totally ruin them before they leave the design stage. he then oversees the construction of all their lameness and non firing non working glory until he signs off at factory level. So thanks for stuffing things up randy! You seriously expect kids to like this? yawn yawn yawn.
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    Clone Trooper = awesome. Very useful for diorama makers with Clones getting geared up. Speederbike? Well - it was cut out of the movie, but perhaps practical to have used on Geonosis.

    Nexu = perfect. It's exactly what it should be.

    C-3PO = perfect. It's fun, interacts with other stuff (Padme, Arena Playset, etc.) and gives you two figures and an action feature that really works just as it did in the movie.

    Yoda = not bad. A better sculpt of Yoda than the carded figure, an extra SuperDroid figure, and a playset base, more or less.

    Anakin cutting a Geonsian - new face sculpt of Anakin ok, but better for the speeder chase, action feature works so-so. 3-way sliced Geonosian -awesome for diorama builders...

    Mace Windu cutting a Battledroid - best AOTC sculpt of Mace in a cool pose, nice for dioramas. Battledroid sucks having no foot holes to keep it standing, much less together, BEFORE Mace attacks it. Lame...

    Geonosian - pretty much a redo of the first figure, but with new cool wings, but ones that aren't as poseable as I'd prefer them to be (permanently capable of staying open flapping versus gliding). Nice sonic gun. Dumb cone accessory (but it smells good)

    Force Flipping Figures - offer a slightly different pose for diorama makers, but only 15 minutes of amusement or less, trying to flip the figures to land on their feet. Ever use 2 at the same time? It's hard to do if you're playing by yourself. I've wondered what even my friends who collect would think if I wanted them to play with these with them???? Koo-Koo, Koo-Koo...

    I haven't been able to bring myself to buy Anakin even yet...

    Jango Fett Electronic - pretty cool considering removeable armor - but if you can remove his armor, why not his helmet? They had the head sculpt! And the gaping hole in his back and this an ACTION figure? Hmmm.

    Obi-Wan Kamino...wet, sculpted like I wanted him. Includes pieces useable in dioramas? I'll reserve judgement until I personally see him. The hose in the back doesn't help too much though.

    Jango Fett ...another one? Nice sculpt, but reminds me of the Sneak Preview one, though everyone else is saying Kamino Escape...whatever, the diorama-useful pieces are the biggest attraction.

    Keep in mind, there will ALSO be an Obi-Wan vs. Jango screen scene two-pack. These "wet sculpts" may be far superior! That I also want to see.

    Jargo, when I have my scenes set up with the right and best looking figures, I'll agree - it's enough with Obi-Wan and Jango. But I still want a few Obi-Wan's yet:

    Wet - hood up
    Wounded from Count Dooku
    Dry, hood down from Jedi Temple
    A definitive wet, fighting look - maybe in the screen scene, maybe this deluxe...
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