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    FAO Schwarz Bankrupt

    Hmmmmmmmmm, maybe they shouldnt charge so much for toys & then they could compete with TRU for market share.

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    Re: FAO Schwarz Bankrupt

    I saw that on CNN this morning. Maybe they will drop the price on the shuttle .More likely they would increase the price intill they suck the blood out of the collector .
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    This is a good example of what's wrong with corporate America. Instead of companies building up their own assets, quality, and customer base, they simply make it look like they're flush with cash and go on a buying spree, buying competitors left and right even if they can't afford them. FAO didn't need to be bought before, they were never about doing the most turnover, they had a specific niche and were filling it until they were bought. Now it turns out the people who bought them couldn't afford them in the first place. Feh!
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    I used to love going to FAO (and still do), to look around. But only ONCE did I ever buy anything. It was waaaay back, and my grandfather bought me the Quick Kick G.I. Joe figure I had been searching for for ages. It was $5.99, at a time when Joes were going for $2.99. That was the only thing I ever got from that store.

    I like them, but I can't justify buying anything there with their prices.
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    So will I still get the Shuttle I ordered like 6 months ago? December, my eye.

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    First I heard about it. Their prices were outrageously high anyway. I remeber they were charging like 14.00 for a figure a few years back. Bloodsucking leetches
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