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    Post Review the Two Towers here!

    SPOILERS Well, the wait was long and I have now seen the movie. I liked it. The Gollum effects were outstanding. I was a little worried that he would be a bit overdone but I found him quite convincing. The Treebeard effects took a little getting used to. I swear when he opened his eyes my first thought was of the apple trees in the Wizard of Oz. But I never thought they would be able to pull Ents off decently and they actually did well enough. Its been awhile since I read the books, but doesn't Gandalf break Saruman's staff in this one? I was sort of looking forward to that confrontation and it never materialized. Oh well. It gives me something else to look forward to next year. I also got a kick out of the beginning of the movie where Gandalf took down the Balrog. that was probably my favorite bit. On the whole, I suppose I liked FOTR more, simply from the kick I got from seeing middle earth onscreen for the first time. TTT is certainly strong in its own right however, and I will be checking it out again soon.
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    i liked it, but was expecting a lot more. i guess i was expecting so much, just like with episode 2, that i was bound to be disapointed a little.

    i thought there was supposed to be a cliffhanger type ending. i'd heard about "samwise the brave" and was expecting frodo would be taken hostage and sam would try to save him or something.

    i thought it was wierd that gandalf the white didn't know he was gandalf the grey. and the fact that the fellowship was split into three different stories kind of made it hard to get attached to any character, other than gollum, who i really liked a lot. i had no idea he was a split personality.

    i thought it ended too soon. apparently, gollum is leading sam and frodo into a trap of some kind, as he was referring to having some female kill them so he could get the ring. i think it should of ended with sam and frodo in some kind of trouble.

    if i had to choose between "fellowship" and "two towers", i think "fellowship" was a lot better, otherwise i can't wait to see how this story ends next december.

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    First of all, I loved the movie. I was so happy with the "character" scenes, especially the evercool Viggo Mortensen. Another spot on take as Aragorn. I loved how Elijah Wood is looking more haggared as his time with the ring passes, less childlike, cheeks sunken, eyes wide, etc. He's doing great work. Hugo Weaving, Orlando Bloom, again spot on. Many props to the blond elf from Lothlorien (can't remember name) who was perfect as well. I loved the confrontation with the Ents, the book leaves that to the imagination for the most part (from what I remember, it's been over a year now since I last read TTT). The fight between Gandalf and the Balrog was pure movie magic. Worth the price of admission right there, and then some.

    Now, was there anything I didn't like? Yes. I feel bad griping about this wonderful movie, but I didn't like Gollum until his split personality scene. I thought the CG model was less realistic than Yoda, and didn't interact very well with the environment. Treebeard's "closeups" didn't look too great to me either, I don't know what I was expecting, but the mouth and eyes appeared too mechanical or something.

    ALl in all, The Two Towers goes a long way to show what a difference taking care with the dialogue makes, and how important those character development scenes are to a movie of this genre. I wouldn't give a rat's butt about who wins or loses at Helm's Deep if I didn't care about Theoden's concern for his people, or feel the fear so accurately etched on the faces of the babies of Rohan.

    Great movie, Ill be there again soon as well. Fantastic.

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    Expected a lot more, derek? I don't think I could have handled more!

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    Well, I loved Two Towers, but I refer to it now as One and a Half Towers, because they really only did like the first 3/4 of books 3 and 4. I too was expecting the Gandalf/Sauruman confrontation in Orthanc, as well as more of the aftermath of the battle of Helm's Deep.

    I knew for a long while now that the Shelob sequence was being pushed back into ROTK, so that wasn't a disappointment.

    The thing that worries me is time. This movie was 3 hours long, and they only included about the first 3/4 of the books, and ROTK is the longest of any of the books, and a lot happens as well. Considering that New Line wants every movie under 3 hours, how are they going to fit the last 1/4 of Two Towers and all of ROTK into one 3 hour movie?

    I also didn't like the Faramir scenes changed. I don't think they needed to go to Gondor, as they could've done the same scene at the Waterfall, a la the book. I also thought that the Gondor scene really took away from the Rohan scenes.

    The cgi of Gollum I thought was great, especially the close ups. It really looked quite incredible. The Treebeard cgi wasn't as good, but still better than anything in AOTC. The greatest cgi accomplishment I thought was the warg rider battle. I thought that was pulled off seemlessly.

    My only question is, when can we get the extended edition DVD to see the rest of the movie?
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    My guess is in about eleven months. Sucks, doesn't it? We'll get to see a lot more intense battle scenes in the extened version. Heads and limbs will be flying everywhere.

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    All in all I thought that this was a good movie, but not great. Like others that had posted I was really looking forward to the Gandalf-Saruman confrontation at the end. I was also disappointed with the portrayal of Theoden. He seemed way too much of a whiner for a king. The battle of Helm's Deep was incredibly done and I cannot wait to see the Siege of Minas Tirith next year. The characterization of Faramir was also a let down, not until the end when he saved Frodo and let them continue their journey, did we get a good glimpse of the nobility of Faramir. Gollum was well done, and I was really feeling sorry for him especially during his split personality arguments. I am looking forward to the ROTK to see how this saga will end.

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    ROTK is the SHORTEST of the books. Much of the actual pages of the volume are appendices.

    I'm glad to see so many positive reviews. I have promised not to see it until X-mas day. CAN'T WAIT!
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    Wow! I am disappointed that some of you were disappointed. I loved the movie even more than FOTR. I nearly bawled when Haldir was killed.

    I am already impatient with anticipation of the extended version DVD (if there is to be one).
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    I loved it.

    Everything rocked, and everything rolled.

    I have nothing original to say about it, except that I now believe that the LOTR movies will easily become my favorite movie series now. Especially with the lackluster prequels that have watered down my love of SW.

    But the LOTR films have been nothing short of spectaculat and breathtaking. And my fiance' even likes them!
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