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    Exclamation 2003 Collection 2 Carded Pictures

    I saw these on SSG sorry if this is old news to anyone.

    2003 Collection 2 Carded Pictures

    You can see the slight change they did to the cardbacks.
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    Thanks for the update. Looks like the only figure that hasn't changed at all is Eeth Koth. Teebo's knife and horn are now seperate pieces. Wish they would have given his headdress a bit more of a wash. And I was correct about the numbering, they added the POTJ re-cards to the end of '02's numbers.

    [#54]Rebel Trooper: Tantive IV Defender
    [#55]Imperial Officer
    [#56]Eeth Koth: Jedi Master

    The two Library/Research droids look better in their final carded incarnations then the prototypes we saw recently. Can't wait to get them. Nice to see they arn't as dinky as originally appeared. And the Tusken Raider still looks great. Can't wait to get them.

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    Is eeth koth exactly the same figure, looks a bit different?

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    OK, I wonder if Mike took a good look and compared the old Imperial Officer to the new one. Same thing with the Rebel Fleet Trooper.

    I can't tell the difference. I have a carded POTJ Imp Officer right in front of me as I type this. For some reason I've delayed opening him and putting him with others in my Death Star diorama - probably because I was going to hold off for a different looking officer.

    What would be different for these 2 ?

    A blonde haired Imp Officer like the one on the Tantive IV when Leia's being interrogated (the first time).

    The old dude that looks like a hero amongst the fleet troopers (no, not Capt. Antilles, but the Sgt. that wears the same uniform as the rest of the stormtroopers' practice targets).
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    Tycho, they could always be packaging prototypes and they used the first two releases for the picture. Only difference I can see is the Imp. Officer's head is tilted a little...

    Yay, we can now play dress-up Teebo!!!

    Not so dissapointed in the Droids not coming with a console or anything now, I thought they'd be the size of pit droids. Although a small console to put Dexter's saber dart on would have been nice...

    I hope the packaging improves a little, from those pictures it looks a little shoddy, like it's ready to fall off.
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    Actually, This new Imp Officer is wearing the more unwrinkled uniform with baggy pants, like Motti, Tarkin, Piett etc. I actually like this uniform better than the POTJ I.O. It looks better and cleaner. When is this one coming out?

    *This Officer actually looks like the guy in the photo too.
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    Does anyone consider the droids to be EU considering they actually arn't in the movie?
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    The Imperial officer seems to have a narrower face and a more pointy nose. His cap looks slightly different too. The RFT has got a less podgey face. Thinner cheeks and looks a little younger. I noticed Teebo's accessories and now I'm peeved i bought the earlier release. I might get it just for the bits seeing as they look better seperated and i can use Teebo for another Ewok with a repaint and a sculpey cowl. Eeth, again, nice statue for an arena scene. Padme has smeared her lipstick all over herface by the look of that packaged pic. Hope that's not going to be a problem.

    Droids are big aren't they? Very cool looking. January is too far away for me. Want the droids bad.

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    I'm hoping to pick up a couple Imperial Officers and Rebel Fleet Troopers. I plan on using one of the Fleet troopers to customize a Capt. Antilles.

    Hey, I'm kind of peeved also about Teebo coming with extra stuff. I thought they might add a couple accessories for this release because he would look awfully tiny in that big Saga package. I'll probably get him and custom him into another generic Ewok.

    I can't wait for the Tusken Raider either. Is it just me or is his coloring a little off?

    I wouldn't consider the Library Droids EU because they are in the deleted scenes.
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    Ugh! Another "Action Pose" Eeth Koth!! I thought the first one was bad, but now a second one. Ugh!

    Droids-Not EU. They were filmed, but not shown on the big screen. (well, unless you have a REALLY great home theater system.) I thought that scene should have been in the movie.
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