My dear lord... This game is so f-ing cool! I just picked up the new OPM (Official U.S. Playstation Magazine) and it has a demo for War of the Monsters. This has to be the funniest game I've played in a long while. Heres what it pretty much is: the rampage games, but in 3D. It is from the guys who made Twisted Metal Black. So far my friends and me have clocked in a good two and a half hours or so on this and it's only the DEMO!!! Everything in the game can be destroyed, thrown, or used as an instrument for beating (or impaling) your opponent. There's a one or two player mode, two monsters (a gorilla and electric eyeball), and one level in the demo. If this game, when it comes out, has 2-4 player, and online capability, I can die a happy man. Please, at least for me, pick this up. There are also some killer demos of Shinobi, Rygar, and Burnout 2 also packed into this bad boy. Go, go, go! Purchase this now!