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    Back to the Future DVD fake widescreen???

    it appears the widescreen versions of the Back to the future DVD's aren't really widescreen, but pan and scan versions that have been cropped. if this is true, it stinks. paramount is supposed to be releasing replacement discs in february.

    anyone got this set yet? i may wait to get it now.

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    Fake Wide Screen

    Could you post the message here? The link takes you to a web site where you have to register to read any of the posts.

    And does anyone know what makes up the deleted scenes on the 3 dvds?

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    Ok, first of all it's not fake widescreen. BTTF 2 and BTTF 3 were improperly matted for widescreen on the DVD release. Both films are 1:85.1 Aspect ratio movies. Typically those movies are shot flat, full frame with widescreen in mind. The director composites the shots in the camera when he films.

    Then when the films are projected, they are soft matted with the black bars for widescreen presentation. This is how the director intends for the movie to be seen. This matting usually hides things that shouldn't be seen, like boom microphones and wires and tubes used to do the in camera effects.

    The special effects with the Delorian, are filmed in widescreen, so that when they open up the mattes for a full frame presentation, the special effects shots have to be zoomed and pan/scanned to fit the full frame.

    All that happened with the release was, the bars were placed in the wrong areas. The most obvious is that they hid the power-sizing jacket and the power-drying jacket effects. They also cut off Marty at the ankles when he's on the hoverboard in some shots. They will be re-matting the films in their original theatrical aspect ratios, and replacement copies will be availbale in Febuary directly from Universal. Call 1-888-703-0010 for the replacement info.

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    I've not had a chance to watch the DVD's yet, though I opened them up already. How bad would you (or anyone who's watched them) say the error is?
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    El Chuxter, I've seen the comparison pictures of how the old LD looked and how the new DVD looks. It's not terrible, the matting was just improperly placed on the few scenes I mentioned above. Check the following link, for a couple pictures that compare the proper matting to the new improper version.

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    Yikes! You consider that "not terrible"? It looks to me like an official mockery of a travesty of two shams. Missing quite a bit on all sides of the image. I think I'll definitely be requesting a replacement.
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    It's not terrible, compared to some things I've seen. Trust me on that one. Nice to see that Universal is replacing things, but it would have been nicer if they had announced the mistake before the DVD's came out. After this and the ET BS, Universal gets a big thumbs down for this year.

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    Yikes!!! That's totally unacceptable, first the "web extras" crap and now this. At least Universal is doing replacements, but this is still a shame.
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    dr. zoltar,

    the link jar jar posted shows the same photos as the link i posted.

    jar jar,

    i really don't understand the technical side of all this, but i know what i see, and it dosen't look good. those pics we both linked to makes it obvious that something ain't right.

    i've heard some say after viewing the widescreen and pan and scan versions, in this case, pan and scan is actually better.

    haven't some other movies been artificially cropped into widescreen from pan and scan versions?

    and if the director shoots the film in fullscreen, and then crops it into a widescreen looking film, isn't that kinda false? i always thought widescreen used a different type of film or camera or something??? i remember kevin smith, in the dogma or Jay&SB commentary saying he took heat for filming in "scope". is that a form of widescreen?
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    i called the number which jjb had provided,

    the information offered by the universal customer rep is as follows;

    you are to mail the dvd's (not the case, just the dvd's) to the following address, along with a letter explaining your reason for returning the dvd's for replacement, as well as your return shipping info.

    "back to the future" dvd return
    p.o. box 224468
    dallas, tx 75260

    don't forget to include your address so that they know where to send the dvd replacement discs

    the replacement discs will be available late february, 2003

    you can also try sending an e-mail to the following address to see if they will respond with better information;


    . (personally, this whole whack job deal of sending loose dvd's through the mail, expecting then for universal to do the same on the return trip, sounds stinkovitch to me)

    i'm sure there will be quite an up roar, and the method of dvd replacement will be refined in the near future.

    of some interesting note, i read the following review of the dvd wide screen relase at which go's into further explanation of the soft matting process that jjb is talking about. i recommend that you read this review before dismissing this particular inital run of back to the future.
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