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    FAO Facing Bankruptcy

    No wonder they're charging so much for those darn Shuttles. They need all the money they can get. Serves them right for being high-priced retail scalpers!

    Check out the story at:
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    Well, that's a shame, I guess...

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    Like that wasn't foreseen with charging $10 a fig. I guess they better hurry up with those Shuttles to get them out of debt.
    But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some Star Wars figures!!!

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    Maybe we will all get lucky and see FAO Schwarz liquidate all of it's high priced merchandise to Big Lots for rock bottom prices. An Imperial Shuttle for $39.99 at Big Lots! Can you believe it?

    Maybe I am dreaming just a bit . . .
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    I don't believe that will happen.

    But I agree with Sidiously Darth. Thats why the Shuttles are so $$$$$$. FAO is hoping that stupid collectors will bail them out by paying that absurd price for the Shuttle. Well I'm not going to (even thought I would like) get one! How do you like that FAO?!?! HA!
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    Even if they're making $100 each on them, 5000 exclusive shuttles are not going to even touch their debt and put them in the black. They needed to lower their prices and become competitive a long time ago. I'll miss seeing the oversized toys that only a dotcom millionaire could afford (Like the huge At-AT in the Las Vegas store,) but I'm not willing to shell out twice as much for the same stuff I can get anywhere else.


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