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    Best of the Year list...

    What a banner year it's been....hard to believe we saw the release of another film AND got to add it to our home collections at the same time! Fantastic!

    As for the toy line, it's been a great year too. Let's attempt to have a format to this year's submissions:

    Top five basic figures
    Top three 12" figures
    Best vehicle
    Best Playset

    Okay, here's my shot...

    Top Five Basic Figures
    While the "action features" and often oversized accessories were a bust for me, here are my choices:

    1) Darth Vader "Bespin Duel" Yeah, it's a resculpt, but what a job! I love the outstreched hand, the billowing cape & that the action feature actually HELPS the cape billow. This is a great rendition of the Dark Lord...

    2) Kit Fisto Of all the new Jedi characters that were introduced, this fellow stood out the most. Caught in a great action moment with those head-tentacles flailing, this figure's great detailing really shines. A plus is that sleek metal lightsaber hilt with it's green blade perfectly accenting him.

    3) Ephant Mon Just a massive figure....fantastic detailing, great look. Keep that cane handy to help him stand. It's just so cool that this character even got made, let alone so well.

    4) Clone Trooper "Deluxe Version" While we got a all white version as a preview figure, the improvements with this release are just fantastic...from the perfect form-fitting armor (which doesn't look clunky ala AOTC Threepio) to the bevey of accessories, this is a must-have. Very well-done!

    5) Anakin Skywalker "Hanger Duel" Of all the versions of this lead character released, this was the only one that had a decent pose, no overdone gimmick (the arm one works well and remains hidden) & captures the essence of the character well.

    Top Three 12" figures While there were some good looking entries in the Action Collection this year, my two biggest gripes with the collection almost over shadowed 'em. 1) NO CLOAKS!!! I hated that...I really wanted to see the Jedi figures with their cloaks...they look incomplete without them 2) The flimsy packaging. No shelve life to it. That said, I DID like most of the 12"ers this year....

    1) Jango Fett "Ultimate Villian" set At least the packaging was handsome on this one & it was nice to see so many accessories. The head-sculpt was nice and the velcro armor worked well. Once "assembled" this figure looked daunting enough.

    2) Dengar I was thrilled that Hasbro finished off the classic bounty hunters and the attention to detail paid on this character matched that on his rival Bossk. From the great detailing to the great armor/backpack uniform, this guy looks tough.

    3) Ki Adi Mundi Cool head sculpt, great jedi outfit. Looks cool posed out of the box with the other Jedi.

    I wanted to put Obi-Wan in the top three...but while his sculpt was great, that missing cloak just pi**ed me off....

    Best Vehicle Hands-down, it goes to the Republic Gunship ! While not scaled perfectly to it's movie counterpart, the attention to detail, sturdy construction and play features make this one cool toy!

    Best Playset Well, there was only one inless you count the deluxe figures and that's the massive Geonosian Arena ! It's a great throwback to the classic DeathStar playset. Not one inch is wasted...the sculpting is great, either side works as a play enviroment & two of the deluxe figure's play stands work with the set to expand it further. Plus, it makes a great diorama background. Very well-designed and thought out piece...excellent job, hasbro!

    As a final comment, I just want to acknowledge that it was a great year for collecting....the distribution partnership between Hasbro & the retailers really shined...there wasn't ONE figure that stayed hard-to-find for long (although I was getting a little worried about ole' Ephant Mon there towards the end). Lookin' forward to next year....

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    Top 5 Basic Figures:
    1. Ephant Mon - No explanation necessary
    2. Saga Chewbacca
    3. FX-7
    4. BoShek
    5. Endor Rebel Soldier
    Honorable Mentions:
    Bespin Luke/Bespin Vader: good sculpt, cool accessories, but knocked out of the top 5 because of the action feature.

    Best Playset: I'm going to say Deluxe Luke in Bacta tank.

    Vehicle: Landspeeder
    Honorable Mention:
    POTJ AT-ST/Speederbike w/Paploo - I know, they are re-released vehicles, but I didn't get the POTF2 version of the AT-ST.
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    Basic Figures:

    1. Ephant Mon (need explaining, I think not)
    2. FX-7
    3. Jango Fett Final Confrontation (gotta love the decapitating feature)
    4. Lott Dod (Waiting a LOOOOOOOOONG time for him)
    5. Red Clone Trooper

    12" Figures:

    1. Ultimate Villan Jango Fett
    2. Zucass
    3. Ki-Adi Mundi


    Republic Gunship (although you had to buy the add-ons)


    Leia With Sail Barge Cannon (I can't stop playing with this thing, the Arena is okay but y'know)
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    Best Of 2002

    Basic Figures:

    1. Ephant Mon (Still waiting for this sucker)
    2. BoShek
    3. Clone Trooper Deluxe (Awesome Figure)
    4. Saga Chewbacca
    5. Bespin Luke or Vader (Toss up, both are great IMO even with the stupid gimmick.)

    12" Figures: Best buy for your buck.

    1. Ultimate Villan Jango Fett
    2. Electronic Jango
    3. Ki-Adi Mundi


    Republic Gunship (Duh, it's probably one of the best of all time IMO) Jedi Starfighter gets a mention as well for being one of the coolest looking new vehicles of the year.


    Can't say I didn't buy any. I'm still waiting for a new Death Star Playset.

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    Best five Basic Figures
    1.) Ephant Mon
    2.) Cloud City Capture Chewbacca
    3.) Endor Rebel Soldier
    4.) Kamino Escape Jango Fett
    5.) Bespin Duel Darth Vader

    Best 12"
    1.) Zuckuss/Dengar
    2.) Count Dooku
    3.) Ki-Adi Mundi
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    Top 3 12" figs:

    1) Mace Windu
    2) ULT. Jango
    3) Plo Koon

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    Basic Figures:

    1) Count Dooku Dark Lord
    2) Bespin Luke
    3) Luminara Unduli
    4) Supreme Chancellor Palpatine
    5) Jango Fett Kamino Escape
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    Just 5? Whew, that's tough. Sure, there have been a couple lame ducks this past year.. but for the most part this has been a great year for figures. Here's my list.. I'm not including figures that I don't currently own like Ephant Mon who most likely would make my list.


    Bo Shek - Was he released in 2002? I'm not sure. Anyhow.. he's just a background character who's only seen on screen for a few seconds. But still, it's an awesome sculpt! Looks just like the actor, and comes with a removeable helmet and working holster.

    Dexter Jettster - Here's an often overlooked figure. You rarely hear ol'Dex mentioned when people are talking about their top figures. Why? Probably because he's not a cool bounty hunter or a Jedi (if he were a Jedi, you can bet he'd be much more popular). But he's big, he looks just like his movie counterpart and has a lot of nice little details. From the tattoos on his knuckles to the little emblem on his grease stained t-shirt. It's a shame he was a peg warmer in many places.

    Luke Skywalker Bespin Duel - Now here's a figure that's on most people's list. As well it should be. It's a great sculpt, has very good articulation.. 12 points including ball jointed knees. Also comes with a lot of nice accessories.

    Jango Fett Kamino Escape - Sure, the likeness in the face isn't the best.. but it's not the worst either. Comes with a removeable helmet, working holsters, a removeable firing backpack and NO annoying action features.

    Padme Amidala Coruscant Attack - Very nice likeness! Not exactly a clone of Natalie, but oh so close! Has 11 points of articulation and a removeable helmet. She has a "quick draw" action feature, but it's well done and doesn't take anything away from this figure.

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    i feel that what everyone's ideas are very good and i'm not going to change peoples ideas, but i will say i think we need to have some of the unleashed figures in there
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    Not everyone collects unleased, but feel free to add it to your selections. Or start a new thread, it's completely up to you.

    I can only comment on what I once collected, keeping in mind that I only actually own two items on this list (marked with an *).

    Best figure:
    1. Ephant Mon *
    2. Boshek
    3. Teebo
    4. R4-M9
    5. Zutton

    1. Dooku
    2. Zuckuss
    3. Dengar

    Best Vehicle:
    TIE Bomber * (nostalgia and 22 years of pent up demand push this one to the top for me, even though technically it is inferior to the Gunship)
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