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    Unhappy feeling sorry after an item...

    Did you ever feel sorry after you gave/sold/lost a toy or other items (not necessary SW)?

    I gave one of my die cast tanks and now the one I have (not in the pictures you may see in my posting) has some problems. Man I feel so sorry...
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    Yeah, I've traded or lost a lot of toys from my youth that I really would have liked to keep around. Some of which I've bought new ones of on ebay, some of which I don't feel are really worth it.

    I used to feel really bad for many years about losing my Die Cast Snowspeeder (this was back in '81 or so) until I came across the Action Fleet Snowspeeder in TRU one day. It felt almost like redemption actually, and then the AF one was cooler too.

    I lost my Lego monorail set, that was a HUUUUUUUGE disappointment.

    My grandmother gave away all my GI Joes that were stuffed in the GI Joe Defiant space shuttle launch vehicle that she gave away, that was a major bummer because she didn't even ask me which is super rare from her.

    During Ep 1's big craze, I had a .00 Maul in my hands but somehow it got shuffled out without me even noticing and someone else picked it up before I could get back to where I accidentally left it behind. I'm not a variation collector, but that's one of those things where it was just in my hand one moment and gone the next.
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    I used to have a G1 Soundwave with four of his tapes. I went back to my parents one day to collect all my old Transformers, and it was gone. My mom said she thinks she threw it away which was a real bummer. - The best thing since sliced bread.

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    I had a huge collection of Corgi vehicles. I was living at my father's house at the time, and went to visit my mother for the summer. When I returned, all my Corgis were gone, along with a bunch of other stuff, like a Planet of the Apes full-head latex mask I'd bought at Disney World (this was in the early 70s, before these types of masks were commonplace, and it was super-expensive).
    My dad said he didn't know what happened to the stuff. One day, a while after that, I was at his wife's family's house. There were a couple younger kids living there - her much younger brother & a cousin, and I found the missile from my Corgi UFO fighter, and some other stuff in their room. Everything was trashed, as they were a bunch of morons with no respect for their belongings (or the belongings they'd stolen from others). I never did find the mask.

    Also, that summer, when I was visiting my mother's house, I went to go ride my motorcycle only to find out she sold it. AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!

    Speaking of motorcycles, I regret alnmost every day having sold my last motorcycle, since I still haven't found the opportunity to replace it after many, many years.
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