It seems the quote-unquote "Sci-Fi Channel" has finally started pulling the last thread of the rug that they've been pulling out from under their audience's feet. Today, they aired "So I Married An Axe Murderer", a fine film starrting Mike Meyers pre-Austin Powers and the beautiful & talented Nancy Travis; a film I might add that has nary a hint of science fiction to it.

While rumors have been flying about for over a year about SFC's then-new management wanting to scrap the entire "science fiction" premise of their channel so they can turn it into "The Action Channel" using all the action movies USA channel has rights to air (USA networks owns SFC), and SFC has in turn cancelled every single piece of original programming since then, they still were at least pretending to be about sci-fi and horror. Heck, USA even produced a new sci-fi show last season that they primarily aired on USA itself rather than premiering it on SFC (The Dead Zone, which is coming back for a 2nd season).

Sci-Fi Channel was started to cater to a specific market of viewership which, while more savvy and discerning towards programming and advertising, was also more rewarding to moves made in those fields that fit their mold. Slowly, SFC has eroded away its core and now seems to be airing less and less sci-fi similar to the ongoing extinction of music videos on MTV. However, if SFC goes away, I highly doubt there will be an SFC2 to pick up the slack, and that's a shame because we don't need another generic cable channel.