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    Leia Boushh & Han Carbonite Boxed

    Check out the pictures I just added HERE. Pretty cool figures!
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    Re: Leia Boushh & Han Carbonite Boxed

    Originally posted by SirSteve
    Is there a hidden Han behind the Carbonite?

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    no wonder cost so much cause of that bloody carbon lightup feature. it looks cool and all, but I just want that fine leia. but if the carbonite is cheap then I will get them both,,
    what the heck it's xmas.
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    The Carbonite block does look cool, and so does the new Leia. This'll be a great addition to my collection.

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    Looks pretty good except for the carbo-block being very 2-D, but I'll reserve final judgement till I see it in person. Also, Leia's tunic is a bit more "Barbie pink" than it should be, but with a happy face like this, I guess that's to be expected.
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    thats the down side, 2-D all the way, and not gorillaz at that.

    what hasbro should of done is use the original carbonite han from the target exc. and made the front of the carbonite translucent. so when u hit the lights, it looks like han is breaking out of the carbonite like the movie. now that be the collest thing around

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    I'll be passing as I have the first edition ones but the glowing carbonite block is very cool.
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    i would of preferred a new sculpt of leia along with a recently free han solo(all new dooku quality sculpt of ford) after he was just unfrozen. an empty carbon block and the 2 new figures would be worth $40-$50 i think.

    in regards to the carbon block, hasbro should of included the new han solo figure in a carbon block as pictured in the attachment, but with a "lid" that goes over it so you could display han as frozen or unfrozen.
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    Derek, I guess that could happen anyway knowing Hasbro, but what they have come up with is much better than the previous block IMO.

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    This piece is modelled after the Vietnam Vetrans Memorail Wall GIJoe set from last year...the "carbonite block" is a flat surface lit from the back like the memorail wall was.
    I agree w/ JT...Leia's "Boussh" outfit is a tad too cheery lookin' along with that too perky face.
    But I too will reserve judgement until I see it in person (wouldn't be the first time pics didn't do an Action Collection piece justice...)


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