What are you collectors from the chicago area finding.

In the Arlington Heights/ Shaumburg Area Targets, K-Marts, and Wal-Marts Im finding the new Shmi/Luke X-Wing Waves. Also, still have a couple B-Wings around. The new 12'' Luke w/ Speeder Bike is at the Target in Shaumburg as well as the DS Droid 12'' Line.

Still no TIE Interceptors at the Toys R' Us, has anyone found them in this area yet?

Speaking of Toys R Us, the 2 or 3 I visit regularly in the past month have gotten rid of all the discount E1 stuff. And they're finally catching up on POTJ as well. For a while there they never had any POTJ stuff.

If anyone in this area has any other new, send the call out.