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    Thumbs up Fav. POTF figure of all time

    Which is your favorite Power of the Force figure of all time?
    Mine is prob. the Darth Vader:Removable Helmet, and I also liked the Jedi Luke and LS Dagobah Luke. So which is you favorite?

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    Man, tough call there. AT-AT Driver, I guess.

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    Darth Vader with removable helmet

    Honerable mention for the CommTech Stormtrooper.
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    Mine are: Vader Removable Helmet and Episode I Flashback Vader.

    Next would have to be Bossk, R2D2 Holo Leia, or Com-Tech Stormtrooper....although I don't have him or R2D2 Holo Leia...but I've read a lot of reviews about both.
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    CT Chip Vader is mine. To me it the most accurate Vader and the most menacing.

    Wedge (from 3 pack), Zuckuss, Stormtrooper Luke and Han all come in a close second.
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    zuckuss, even though i don't have him.
    motti is pretty sweet too.
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    I can't narrow it down to one figure so I'll just have to say some of the ones I like best:
    Pote Snitkin, Darth Vader CTC, Stormtrooper CTC and Zuckuss (don't have him, my brother does)
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    1995 Ben Kenobi. It was nice and simple.
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    Luke with Blast Shield Helmet was the figure that made me start collecting. It was to scale, accurate sculpt, excellent likeness, and a helmet that covered his entire face made it so sool.

    Death Star Droid, CTC Stormtrooper, and Vader w/removable helmet would be tied for second.

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    My favorite is the death star gunner. The figure is just cool and comes with a big friggen gun.
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