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    Does Vader respect their scum?

    Something crossed my mind I thought was interesting.

    I wonder if Anakin was actually impressed with Jango Fett and Zam Wessel because when he was running out of options and faith in the Imperial's abilities to capture the Falcon, he didn't call on some "Force-ish" way of getting them but actually entrusted bounty hunters to the job, one being none other than Jango's own son.

    I wonder if we weren't seeing desperation on Vader's part but more of a trump card he'd been putting his trust in due to respect they'd earned from him way back in Episode II.

    What do ya'll think 'bout that?
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    I think Boba Fett will still have a big role to play in Episode III to make Anakin respect the abilities of a Bounty Hunter.

    I don't think Anakin saw enough of Zam or Jango to be impressed by them enough to use Bounty Hunters in Episode V, but it certainly is an interesting thought.

    I still think we're gonna see Boba "disintegrate" Mace Windu (even though I don't really want to).

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    Ah, cool prediction. That would make Vader's line to Boba in ESB hilarious.
    If I loved Star Wars anymore
    than I already do... I'd just puke.

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    Originally posted by TheJediCharles
    Ah, cool prediction. That would make Vader's line to Boba in ESB hilarious.
    I agree. I've been thinking about this since I first saw Mace take of Jango's head.

    Until EP3 is released we don't know for sure if Anakin has any real interaction with Boba, but I remember reading somewhere that Vader had used Boba's services on many occasions. Can't for the life of me remember where though.

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    well, jango is the one that caught anakin in the droid factory finally....
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    well mini-rock, I do know where it is said, it's in the visual dictionary, and it says that vader has used boba many times and some people call boba his "right-hand", and vader likes to use boba to do some dirty work for him sometimes (it doesn't say it exactly like that, since I have the german version and translated it )
    as for E3, I too hope we will see some more of Boba Fett so we can finally see why he is suposed be the best bounty hunter in the galaxy
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    Originally posted by Bobajames
    well, jango is the one that caught anakin in the droid factory finally....
    True but with the help of several Droideka's.


    Gee I'm a friggin idiot!! I have all three of those and shoulda known that's where I read it. Thanks for letting me know though.

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    I believe Vader wouldn't be able to use bounty hunters in ESB unless they had proven their usefulness to the empire, or specifically Palpatine, at some earlier time. I don't think Vader alone would have wanted to bring in such a rogue element - thus risking the anger of the Emperor - unless he knew their presence wouldn't honk off the chief.
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    Perhaps Vader had some two for one coupons for bounty and if he didn't use them, they'd expire . Just kidding.

    Vader must have faith in Bounty Hunters or he wouldn't of let them on his ship. Where he gained this trust is hard to pin point right now.

    Also, considering the Navy had more pressing business they probally didn't have the manpower to wast on a search for a single small ship.

    Still, one would think that the Empire would have a special search and capture/destroy team similary to the US Navy Seals. Wich would have been perfect for this situation.

    Then, again you got to have bounty hunters becasue it makes the Star Wars Universe more versitile.

    Great point, none the less
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    Vader used Boba Fett because he was told by George Lucas that Boba Fett hast to get Han Solo to jabba for the next movie's opening plot sequence


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