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    fan's choice #5 @ hasbro 12/23/02

    hey everyone go vote. I just got a notice from hasbro.

    I'm not impressed with the selections this time around, personally, but go to it.

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    Captain Antilles will go great with Bespin Vader's hand around his neck. A great diorama.
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    I had to vote for Jan Dodonna myself.

    Senator Yarua - if I remember correctly...we were suposted to get him or rumored to get him shortly into Ep 1? Wasn't he on the flasback photo with Chewie? Chewie's grandpa or something?Kinda a snoozer, personally.

    Ben Quadinaros - what this was his 2nd or 3rd time on the list? Can't he take a hint? Either that or hasbro already made him and is looking for popular vote to release him and say to the retailers "HA, they wanted him, now order a bunch from us!"

    Rabé - That's the last thing I want is another lame-o handmaiden.

    General Jan Dodonna - Important old codger in the Star Wars world. Slightly lame, but livable.

    Captain Colton Antilles - nothing more than a rebel trooper with a differnt paint job and face. Use the new one that's comming out in a couple of months for a custom...or just change his name.

    I was hoping for more aliens: a cantina patron, one of Jabba's goons, or maybe even a taste of some expanded universe figure...

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    The site won't let me in for whatever reason. Sounds like a great line-up. (cough, sarcasm, cough, cough)

    Hopefully Dodonna will win. He and Yarua are the only viable choices. And hopefully if Dodonna wins, Crix Madine and Carlist Riekkan won't be too far behind. :happy:
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    Yeah, the Wookie Senator and the handmaiden are pretty much yawners, IMO, and I really don't want anymore pod racers unless they make more of the pods! That pretty much leaves it to Dodonna and Capt. Antilles. I voted for Antilles, but would really like to vote for both of these guys, we need them BOTH!!
    Oh well...
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    Yep, Capt. Antilles. My poor POTJ rebel fleet trooper has been choked out by Bespin Vader too many times, it's time the proper victim received his due. Antilles it is, but Im sure we'll wind up with a "concept Lando in bespin loungewear" or some such crap. (Yes, I know it's not on the list, but Im still mad about the last vote.)

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    Rabé - That's the last thing I want is another lame-o handmaiden
    another handmaiden??? they haven't made any!!!

    what's the point of these polls? why don't they just make them all?

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    Exactly. I voted for Antilles. The pic of yarua shows him/her with a sash or some such nonsense and if they make another wookiee i want it to be naked for customisation possibilities. I don't want another wookiee with a bandolier type strap acros it permanently. Dodonna was going to get my vote but i just know they'd screw him up a la Uncle owen. Ben Quadinaros is cute but what's the point of podracers if they have no pods to race? handmaidens don't interest me anymore since I ditched ninety percent of my episode one stuff. They'd just be a big salt shaker of orange plastic with a teeny tiny face hidden in the folds of the hood. more boring than the original POTF royal guard.

    I'm building up my rebel forces and i reckon a commander for the rebel fleet trooper would be more useful to me, But if i had the choice I'd say make them all anyway too. Stop all the messing about and frustrations of yet another rigged poll and just throwm them all into the production mill along with all the other fan's choice options not yet made. If the choices are baed on peoples want lists on various websites then obviously people want them anyway. Demand is there, go with the flow, better the variety of all the fan's choice characters than more boring jango fett and Obi-Wan figures.

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    I voted Antilles, but it doesn't look good for him at 23%. ALTHOUGH! Dodonna is at 28% and the leader... maybe we will get a good figure.......
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    I voted for Dodonna. He at least has several lines in ANH, and survives the Battle of Yavin. The most Capt. Antilles manages in his brief screen time is to get his throat crushed.

    Then again, the one I was hoping to see listed on the poll -- R5-D4 -- blew a gasket with his brief screen time.

    Dodonna will make a decent figure. Hasbro's been improving on their old men figures since Uncle Owen, such as the various old Obi-Wan's, Sio Bibble, Count Dooku, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. I am actually excited about this poll, and it looks like Dodonna stands a good chance of winning it. I think the choices are at least as good as the last poll's, probably better.

    I wonder what accessories Dodonna will come with, if he wins?


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