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    Post Simpsons series 12

    I don't follow the simpsons toyline, so I don't know if this is new or not. But american dream comics has just posted up some shots of series twelve. Just thought I'd give those who collect these a heads up.

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    They are also re-releasing better versions of the original Mr. Burns and Moe. I guess they're going to try to get their colors right or something. Thanks for the pics though!
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    About the rereleases: have a monthly Q and A with Playmates (not this month though - they're metting them in person at Toyfair). During the last Q and A, Playmates released some info about the rereleases. Here's a summary:
    Wave 12 will be shipped with 2 individually cardrd rerelease figures. These figures will be Moe and Mr. Burns. Moe will undergo some paint changes (most notably his apron will be blue), and it is not yet clear whether or not Burns will have his paints changed too.
    From Wave 13 onwards, each wave of 6 figures will be released with an additional rerelease 2-pack. Few details about these 2-packs have been released yet, but it seems that Playmates is planning to give the figures new head sculpts.

    Also, look forward to a packaging change in 2003!
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    Man I'm going to run out of room soon.
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    Theres two characters named Wendell?

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    The info at the link above is not entirely correct. The line up for Wave 12, which is due in April will be as follows:
    Number One
    Mr. Largo
    Mr. Plow Homer
    Luann Van Houten
    Don Vit....can't spell his name

    The kid's name is Database, not Wendell. I don't know why ADC have that wrong.
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