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    Wal Mart Trash Compactor 2 packs

    What is up with the Wal Mart Exclusive Trash Compactors 2 packs? I seen them a few weeks ago but did not pick them up because I had no funds. Now I can not find them at any Wal-Mart around here. Same thing with the Holiday 2 packs with R2-D2 and C3-PO. Lucky I grabbed that the other night. But I really should have written a check and take the overdraft fee hit by my bank to get those Trash Compactor 2 packs. It would have been worth it if you see how much these things go for on Ebay. One finished at $80 which is ridicilous. I posted the link to another current one going on Ebay at $46 right now. Has anyone else have any problems finding these?

    Check out this link.
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    You could have tossed them in layaway, and not had to worry about missing out on them, or getting hit with an overdraft fee. Don't pay thru the nose for these. They should be out in greater numbers in 2003, and you can always go thru Yestertoys. They have them for $21 each, if I recall correctly.

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    I would have put these in layaway but that department is not open at 2 AM in the morning. Oh well, I guess I will wait patiently. That is all I can do.

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    I actually passed on this set several times. Definitely not worth $80 to me, or $49, or $21. Maybe for $10 I'd get the pair.

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    Originally posted by Veers
    I would have put these in layaway but that department is not open at 2 AM in the morning. Oh well, I guess I will wait patiently. That is all I can do.
    Actually it is open at anytime. All you would have done is gone up to someone, preferably an overnight manager, and tell them that you would like to put something on Layaway. They would then have been able to help you with this . . even at 2am.
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    I was shocked todya when I walked in my Wal-mart and wah-la, there they were.
    They had 4 of each scene, and 3 now.
    These scenes are awesome!!! I think it's cool how you can take the two pieces of the Dianoga form each set and combine them to 'assemble the complete dianoga!'
    I wasn't too thrilled with the price, but it's nice to finally have them.
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    I have seen these just once and picked them up then. I think that they were sixteen something each. I still think that is a bit much though.
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    That's pretty standard over here if not dirt cheap. Cheapest I've seen them on offer is 12.99 which works out at $19.50 so you want to try paying european prices for a while and learn about high prices. You guys got it good and don't even know it.

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    I stumbled across 1 set this weekend. Picked'em up and jury is still on on this set.

    1. I like the concept, and from far away they don't look bad. Its a neat peice.

    2. Up close, I'm disapointed the junk on the stormie uniforms is painted on when on a Tomart's cover the trash looks dimensional and is actually adheared to the uniforms...not painted on like they are on the chest of the actual figures.

    So I'm still sitting on the fence. I expected better in my head, but I should have known better.

    But yea they were something like 16 something after least they were in MN.

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    Just wish WM here would get another stock of them. I am begining to dislike our stores that carry Star Wars toys. Went into a KBtoys this morning, the response I got was, "sorry, you need to go to any of the other KBtoys, we dont carry ANY Star Wars toys". Next closest one is another 25 miles in the wrong direction. Walmarts, Kmarts and Targets, still only have the peg warmers.
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