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    Plundering and pillaging the Spanish Main! Arrr!

    What Star Wars stuff did you get for Christmas?

    Pretty self-explanatory, what Star Wars stuff did you get for Christmas (Or whatever other holiday you celebrate)? It is 8:00 here (Christmas Eve), and I can't wait! So far I've opened a Geonosian Arena and another Silver R2 (To open). I'll post the other SW stuff I get here tomorrow. Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa everyone! Err...Wrong face... Aha! Here:
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    I got my kid and me:

    Geonosian Arena
    Flying Geonosian Deluxe
    Clonetrooper Biker Deluxe
    Slave 1
    Jango Fett Slave 1 Pilot
    10 Clonetroopers
    10 White Battle Droids
    4 Red Battle Droids (from Mace Windu 2-pack & Accessory Packs)
    2 Clonetrooper Pilots
    Padme Coruscant Pilot
    Nikto Jedi
    Shaak Ti
    Jango Fett Deluxe
    Yoda Jedi Council
    2 Destroyer Droids
    2 Super Battle Droids (couldn't find enough of these, wanted 10)

    He also "got" the Nexu, Reek, and Acklay, we had them since summer, but they had been stored while we moved, and he forgot about them.

    also 6 SW puzzles and a Cave Troll and Legolas from LOTR. My son immediately used the Cave Troll to smash the stone pillars in the arena.

    We saved up and bought this stuff over the past four months, and scored a good deal on the Geonosian Arena for $30 @ Target, so nobody go thinking I'm rich or anything!
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    My mother got me a ps2. I picked Bounty Hunter, Master of Teski(sp) Star wars Demolision(sp).

    My brother got me off of E-bay(In one auction)
    4 at-at
    3 rebel snow speeders
    6 taun taun
    1 Wampa
    1 Ice planet hoth playset MM
    1 Hoth Rebel command center MM
    1 Imperial attack base.

    Some of the parts are missing but darn! The diorama I will have to build will be amazing. I don't care for anything but hoth rebel trooper and hoth storm trooper.
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    The only SW stuff I got was the Speeder Bike deluxe set, and an Ephont Man.

    I also got Gandalf the White, and a basketbal goal
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    STAR WARS Swag

    All the Hallmark ornaments

    Non STAR WARS Swag

    Band of Brothers DVD
    24 Season one DVD
    LOTR collectors set DVD (didn't have heart to tell them I already had it)
    $30 TRU giftcard (since they couldn't find Sauron)

    ...and that's just Christmas Eve. Plenty more to come tomorrow morning!
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    I got a Republic Gunship YAY! and a framed AOTC IMAX poster WOO HOO! Non Star Wars I got Gandalf the White, Legolas and Grima Wormtongue the last TT figures I needed for now

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    Plundering and pillaging the Spanish Main! Arrr!
    Here's what I got for Christmas:
    I got:
    -Jango Fett & Slave I ornaments
    -Anakin Skywalker Electronic Lightsaber
    -Geonosian arena
    -Silver R2
    -Two 300th Boba Fetts (Opened one)
    -Security Battle Droid
    -POTJ IG-88
    -HOLOGRAM DARTH SIDIOUS! (Yes, I DID open it, I just couldn't stand to keep it imprisoned)
    -TOYFAIR SILVER DARTH VADER!!!!!!!!!!! It is in a StarCase, and no, I will not open it. It also came with david Prowse's autograph and a picture of Vader talking to Boba Fett on Bespin. Truly awesome.
    -AOTC Visual Dictionary
    -Another RedClone for my armies.

    I didn't have any of these except the Silver R2 (Now I have one I can open) and the RedClone, which you can never have too many of.
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    Arrgh, no ephant mon....
    The only SW items I got were some TPM stickers (at least there's some jar jar ones) and a really cool pair of red boxer shorts with Vader on the left thigh looking up and to the right.. "Impressive... most Impressive"... I can't stop laughing at them...

    If anyone got a couple too many ephant men, let me know, I can't seem to locate one anywhere around here
    Hope everyone got what they were hoping for!!!
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    Lego Jango Fett's Slave I
    Lego TIE Bomber
    Lego Jedi Duel
    Lego Final Duel I
    Lego Tusken Raider Encounter
    Lego Ewok Attack
    2003 Star Wars AOTC Calendar

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    what I got for christmas

    Star Wars:

    Ephant Mon (yes!!!)
    Anakin TA
    Darth Maul ST
    Padme pilot

    Jango Fett preview
    Eeth Koth

    Darth Vader Commtech
    Pote Snitkin

    MM5 Tooth Fairy
    MM4 Candyman
    Spawn 22 Bloodaxe

    The Hobbit book
    Tupac Vs. DVD
    Tupac Thug Angel Collector's Edition DVD (coming end of january)
    Welcome to Death Row DVD (the record-label)

    may I say, this was a very nice christmas

    edit: oops, I forgot TTT Legolas, the one I love most (have him standing right next to the keyboard ATM)
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