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    The Guide to the STAR WARS Universe was updated after TPM, but rather poorly at that. It was amazing how little they had to write about some of the main characters that had appeared in the film. I am going to wait to buy more of the "essential" books until after the saga has been completed.
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    A new guide is needed, maybe after the release of EP2?? I hope so, they need to fill lots of questions.
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    SSG has pics of the new cover up! Lookin' good!!!

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    I to would like to see an update which has the new Jedi order characters in it.
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    Rollo, where's the pic at?

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    Here's the SSG article, I hear it was written by a really smart, handsome guy who's got tons of humility. So what if he put it in "Publications" instead of "Comics & Books"?

    Obi-Don, there are NJO characters in the book.
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